Putin’s propagandists are exempt from mobilization for war

Putin’s propagandists are exempt from mobilization for war
Putin’s propagandists are exempt from mobilization for war

Some Russian technology professionals, bankers and journalists from state media outlets will not be called up for military service on the frontline in Ukraine as part of Russia’s mobilization, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a press release on Friday. by Reuters.

The Minister of Defense, Serghei Șoigu, he said earlier this week that Russia will try to draw up about 300,000 additional troops for Russia’s war in Ukraine, in what the Kremlin has called a “partial mobilization.”

The section of the official decree announcing the mobilization that included the number of people to be mobilized was kept secret and unpublished, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

He rejected one on Thursday report of the independent publication Novaya Gazetawhich cited a Kremlin government source as saying that the Moscow regime is actually trying to recruit up to a million people for the campaign.

Peskov admitted, however, that the article “is related” to the number of troops that can be mobilized.

The Russian Defense Ministry said some employees working in critical industries would be exempted from mobilization in an attempt to “ensure that the work of specific high-tech industries, as well as Russia’s financial system” are not affected by the first mobilization military of Russia after the Second World War.

Exceptions apply to IT workers, telecommunications workers, finance professionals, as well as employees of “systemically important” media institutions, the statement sent by the Ministry in Moscow also states.

He said that heads of Russian companies should draw up lists of their employees who meet the criteria and can be exempted from mobilization.

In its assessment Wednesday night into Thursday morning, the Institute for the Study of War in Washington (ISW) reported that the announcement made by Russian President Vladimir Putin ordering Russia’s first military mobilization since World War II, nearly seven months since the beginning of the invasion, shows the many problems Russia has in the war in Ukraine, which it is unlikely to solve in the coming months.

According to ISW, the Kremlin leader’s Wednesday order will not generate significant combat power for several months. American experts also point out that the partial mobilization announced by Putin could be enough to sustain current Russian troop levels in 2023 by offsetting Moscow’s losses on the battlefield, although even that is not yet clear.

ISW quotes Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu as saying the mobilization will take place in stages, likely ruling out any sudden influx of Russian forces that could dramatically change the course of the war.

ISW therefore states that Russia’s partial mobilization will not prevent Ukraine from liberating more of the occupied territory during the winter.

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