LIVETEXT War in Ukraine, Day 770 | Russia Announces Ukrainian Drone Strike on Kursk and Belgorod

LIVETEXT War in Ukraine, Day 770 | Russia Announces Ukrainian Drone Strike on Kursk and Belgorod
LIVETEXT War in Ukraine, Day 770 | Russia Announces Ukrainian Drone Strike on Kursk and Belgorod

09:17 – 2 hours ago


Russian attack with three missiles and four drones launched overnight

Russian forces launched three S-300 anti-aircraft guided missiles and four Shahed attack drones into Ukraine overnight, the Air Force said on the morning of April 3.

Ukrainian air defense units intercepted the four Russian drones. According to the Air Force, the drones were fired from Primorsko-Akhtarsk in Russia.

07:43 – 3 hours ago


General Staff: Russians attacked in 7 directions, and 75 clashes took place on the front in the last day

Russian forces have attacked in seven directions in the last day, mostly near the towns of Novopavlivskyi and Urozhany, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced on Wednesday morning.

In total, 75 combat engagements took place on the front during the day.

“The enemy launched 2 rockets and 78 airstrikes, carried out 66 attacks from missile systems on the positions of our troops and populated areas,” the General Staff reported.

07:20 – 4 hours ago


Russia announces attack by Ukrainian drones on Kursk and Belgorod

Russian air defense units shot down four Ukrainian drones launched on Tuesday evening over the Kursk border region and one more over the adjacent Belgorod region, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Telegram, as quoted by Pravda.

Overnight, a huge fire broke out in the Russian city of Kursk, according to videos sent by witnesses to several Telegram monitoring channels.

The city’s mayor said on Telegram that several residential buildings were damaged by the downing of the drones, but there were no casualties.

Drone attacks on regions of southern Russia occur daily, and the Ukrainian army has also engaged in bombings, particularly in Belgorod, Reuters notes.

Apr 02 – 12 hours ago


62 confrontations on the front, in the last day

Over the course of Tuesday, 62 combat clashes took place on the front, most of the attacks being repelled by the Ukrainian army in the directions of Novopavliv, Avdiivka and Lîman.

“During the day, the aviation of the Defense Forces of Ukraine hit the anti-aircraft missile complex and 13 areas where enemy personnel were concentrated. The enemy launched two missile strikes and 43 air strikes, launched 39 strikes from missile defense systems at the positions of Ukrainian troops and populated areas. A total of 62 clashes took place on the front,” reads the message of the Ukrainian army.

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