Elena Udrea’s real estate cabal joined Simion’s party, AUR


George Simion, the leader of AUR, has made several brand acquisitions: former supporters of Elena Udrea and the party once led by Traian Băsescu.

Adrian Gurzău, the son of Elena Udrea, criminally convicted for influence peddling, became deputy general secretary of the AUR. Mihai Curtean, former head of the PMP Cluj organization and a good friend of Gurzău, moved to AUR, being the de facto leader of the Cluj organization. Horia Nasra, a politician with a lot of experience, who collaborated with Curteanu in the past on a foundation, also switched to the camp of George Simion’s party. Practically, some members of the old guard of Traian Băsescu’s PDL, under the wing of Emil Boc from Cluj, have reactivated politically.

Doubtful business Udrea-Gurzău

Elena Udrea and her boyfriend Adrian Gurzău announced a giant project a few years ago: Transilvania Smart City in Cluj-Napoca, a project that benefited from the support of Emil Boc, the mayor of the municipality. Phase 1 of the Cluj metro project, for example, was designed to start near the supposed neighborhood that Elena Udrea intended to develop on the outskirts of the city, in the Borzaș hill area. The Europa Unită Station and, above all, the Sopor depot had to be adjacent to Transilvania Smart City, a large-scale real estate development that included the design of 10,000 apartments, a mall, hotels, restaurants, a 2-hectare park, nurseries, kindergartens, schools, but also a helipad.

Elena Udrea and Adrian Gurzău

It’s just that the project fell apart. Ilfov Court admitted the company’s insolvency Realtopfarma Tamași, the developer of the mega-project undertaken by Elena Udrea in Cluj Napoca. Even though there were several companies that applied for insolvency, the court decided the insolvency of Realtopfarma at its request.

According to Termene.ro, the company has two shareholders: Marinel Alexandrov and Adrian Gurzău, both with 50% each. Marinel is the brother of Adrian Alexandrov, Elena Udrea’s life partner, and Adrian Gurzău is her son.

Gurzau is the administrator of Realtopfarma. The company reported for 2022 an average number of 5 employeeslosses of 25,359,802 leidebts of 86,313,817 leifixed assets of 50,729,832 lei and current assets of 67,462,949 leifrom which receivables of 65,263,952 lei. Gurzău, a former PMP parliamentarian, received a two-year and eight-month suspended prison sentence in 2017 for influence peddling in favor of the Carpatica Asig company.

Marinel Alexandrov owns 50% of Transylvania Smart City, and the other half belongs to Gheorghe Petrovan, father of Cecilia Petrovan, wife of Adrian Gurzău. The administrators of Transilvania Smart City are Alexandru Alexandrov and Adrian Gurzău.

Mihai Curteanu, forwarded

Realtopfarma SA, established in the commune of Corbeanca and linked to Elena Udrea through his partner, Adrian Alexandrov, and son Adrian Gurzău, saw the SDC company as the main culprit for entering insolvency. Thus, the Realtopfarma group set up an elaborate plan to hit those they considered adversaries.

In this scheme, Mihai Curteanu, a close associate of Adrian Gurzău, was sent forward. As president of the METROURBAN Association, he started a legal battle against the authorities and SDC, demanding the cancellation of crucial building permits for the SDC project. Curteanu acted without consulting his colleagues on the board of directors of the association, which led to mass resignations, including Horia Nasra and Vladimir Dan, who expressed their indignation at this subversive maneuver.

In parallel, the investigations brought to light dubious practices related to the sale of some apartments from the Transilvania Smart City project, in which Curteanu played a central role. At least three apartments were sold twice, causing a large-scale criminal scandal. Thus, the METROURBAN Association and the actions of Mihai Curteanu became the subject of intense debate and legal investigations in the public and legal environment, revealing a network of questionable interests and practices.

Mihai Curteanu and Elena Udrea

Adrian Gurzău was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison with suspension

Adrian Gurzău signed a plea of ​​guilty in the Carpatica Asig case, in which he was accused of influence peddling.

The DNA prosecutors showed that between April 8, 2015 and November 1, 2015, the defendant Toncescu Angela, member and starting from July 2, 2015, president of the Board of Directors of SC Carpatica Asig SA, promised the defendant Gurzău Adrian, a member of the Romanian Parliament and de facto administrator of a company, which has accepted the promise, drawing up a service contract between that company, as provider, and SC Carpatica Asig SA, as beneficiary. The respective contract was concluded on November 2, 2015 and its object was the provision, by the company controlled by the deputy, of specialized customer relations services, info-line, contact center sales and marketing for a minimum duration of 5 years, the total amount being 270,000 euros.

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