The Tate brothers, brought back to the DIICOT headquarters

The Tate brothers, brought back to the DIICOT headquarters
The Tate brothers, brought back to the DIICOT headquarters

The brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate were brought, on Thursday morning, to the DIICOT headquarters, to witness the IT searches on the devices seized in December by investigators from their homes, according to Agerpres.

Upon entering the DIICOT headquarters, one of the two brothers declared that there is no evidence against them and that they are being persecuted because they are rich.

DIICOT prosecutors continue on Thursday the IT searches that began a day ago on the devices lifted at the end of December from their homes – computers, laptops, tablets, phones, camera recordings.

In a villa in Ilfov county, they had set up a video chat studio, where several girls were forced to produce videos that were posted on websites for adults.

Brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate are being investigated for forming an organized criminal group, human trafficking and rape, along with a former police officer and Andrew Tate’s girlfriend.

The four have been in custody since December 30, 2022.

The Tate brothers, with British citizenship, and the two young accomplices are accused of having constituted an organized criminal group, for the purpose of recruitment, accommodation and exploitation, by forcing some women to create materials with pornographic content, intended for distribution for a fee on websites of profile. From these activities, he would have obtained important sums of money.

The investigators claim that the Tate brothers picked up the young women under the pretext of starting a love relationship and took them to the house in Ilfov County, where they were forced to produce the video clips.

The two brothers misled young women that they would like a marriage/cohabitation relationship and that they would have real feelings of love for them (the ‘loverboy’ method).

The women were allegedly later transported and housed in the building in Ilfov county, where, through acts of physical violence and mental coercion (intimidation, constant surveillance, control and the invoking of alleged debts), they were sexually exploited by the group members by forcing them to perform demonstrations pornographic with a view to the production and dissemination, through some social media platforms, of material having such a character and by submitting to the execution of a work, in a forced manner, in order to obtain significant financial benefits consisting of the sums of money obtained as a result of accessing materials by users.

DIICOT instituted seizure on the assets of the Tate brothers, namely 10 buildings (houses and land) and 15 luxury cars: three Porsche cars, two BMWs, two Ferraris, an Aston Martin, a McLaren, a Lamborghini and five Mercedes cars.

In this case, the National Agency for the Administration of Undisclosed Assets (ANABI) took over administration, at the request of the DIICOT prosecutors, luxury cars and watches, but also several sums of money, totaling approximately 18 million lei (3,636,000 euro).

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