Refugee from North Korea, arrived in Romania: “I knew that only Kim Il-sen is god”

A refugee from North Korea, who arrived in Timisoara with a Christian mission, told how she fled from the most closed country in the world. The woman, who was responsible for indoctrinating young North Koreans, said that before she became a Christian, she herself saw Kim Il-sen (the grandfather of the current dictator) as a god.

The woman who escaped from North Korea told her story in Timisoara PHOTO Daniel Dancea

“North Korea, mission to the forbidden land”. This was the title of a conference recently organized at the Bethel Baptist Church in Timișoara. A group of South Korean Christians accompanied by a refugee from North Korea participated in the event. During the event, intended to challenge Romanians to support in prayer the persecuted Christians in North Korea, the woman who managed to escape from the largest camp in the world and who wanted to remain anonymous to protect her remaining family in North Korea, he recounted how he fled North Korea and became a Christian while in China, where he first arrived after fleeing his country.

The woman who escaped from North Korea told in Timișoara that, since her uncle was a war hero, her family was privileged. However, due to the famine in the country, the woman had to trade illegally in gold, silver and copper to support her family. Basically, he bought stolen copper from the regime’s telecommunications network. She was caught and sentenced to 16 years in prison.

“Because of this conviction, our family has lost all privileges. Father could not free me. He suffered a shock and died”said the refugee from North Korea.

Flight to China and conversion

The North Korean refugee said that when her father died, she was left at home for a week. During this period, in order to save his family, left free with his disappearance, he decided to flee to China. With the help of a wooden raft, he crossed the river that separates North Korea from China. Arriving in China, the woman stayed hidden for six months, during which she came into contact with Christian missionaries, and that was also the moment when she converted to Christianity.

“The first time I fled to China, where I hid for six months. Then I wanted to run away to South Korea. It’s hard to live hidden in China. If I had been caught, I and my family would have been sent back and shot. In China I had an encounter with God. From China I fled to Vietnam, then to Cambodia, and from there I walked for 25 days to Thailand. From Thailand I was sent to South Korea“, said the escaped woman, who confessed that she wants the unification of the two Koreas and a return to her country.

“One cannot speak against the regime”

The North Korean refugee said that in her country she was responsible for indoctrinating young North Koreans, who are taught communist ideology from the age of five and to worship the founder of the republic, Kim Il-sen (died in 1994) and his son, Kim Jong-Il (died 2017). This explains the images from the death of Kim Il-sen and Kim Jong-Il, when the North Koreans wept loudly.

“From the age of five they are indoctrinated with this ideology and they do it sincerely. When Kim Il-sen died, I also cried with all my heart. I knew that only Kim Il-sen is god and that’s why when he died I cried with all my heart. Kim Il-sen is their god. I have not heard of Christians in North Korea. People worship Kim Il-sen and his son (no Kim Jong-Il)“, said the North Korean refugee.

Regarding the North Koreans’ dissidence or the thought of a revolution, the woman says that, after 70 years of communism, there is simply no question of a revolution. “You can’t have such conversations. They have an isolated life. Same ideology, same doctrine. That is why they cannot have discussions about a revolution. You cannot speak against the regime. Does not exist. The North Koreans do not think for a moment about a change. There is no such thinking”also said the refugee from North Korea who visited Timișoara.

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