Ukrainians can file reparations claims at The Hague following Russia’s invasion


The register will initially focus on damage to real estate, but should be expanded to include other types of property damage, Kuleba said at a conference organized by the Dutch government to discuss legal responsibility for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. , reports Reuters.

Ukraine wants to use frozen Russian assets to pay war damages and compensation to victims. “This is the first material step being taken,” Kuleba said.

Ukrainian citizens, as well as foreigners who suffered damage on the territory of Ukraine following the invasion of Russia in February 2022, can submit claims for compensation to the registry. They can submit the application through an online application.

Ukraine expects at least eight million individual claims for compensation to be filed, said Zakhar Tropin, a lawyer with the Ukrainian Justice Department.

On the other hand, the World Bank estimated in February that Kiev would need 486 billion dollars to rebuild the country, which was devastated by the Russian invasion. Ukraine has said that this amount could double if compensation for war victims is taken into account.

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