Galaxy S20 series moved to less frequent security updates


Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S20 series has already received its last system update already in 2023, so it will no longer upgrade to new Android variants, and now it also loses access to monthly security updates. This does not mean that it will not receive updates of this kind at all, but that the models integrated in the S20 series will receive these updates less often, once a quarter. The March update has already been released, so we can expect a new security update on these devices only in June.

Samsung will release new security updates on the Galaxy S20 series every three months

All models in the Galaxy S20 series are affected by this decision, whether or not they were launched simultaneously. We’re talking about the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 Ultra, and the highly praised model by fans, the Galaxy S20 FE, one of the best devices released that year. Along with the S20, the latest generation of Notes, consisting of the Note20 and Note20 Ultra, will move to the same quarterly update cycle.

These phones are already more than four years old, so for Android models, the fact that they’re still getting security updates after all this time is commendable, and they should get at least another year of such updates . It remains to be seen if Samsung decides to extend security updates beyond the five-year limit. Previously, from time to time and only for certain models, the company released new such software enhancements even after the end of the software support period.

Users of Galaxy S20 and Note20 models who are still using them should not worry, for now. Their phones are still safe and not vulnerable to attacks. There is little chance that new important vulnerabilities will be discovered in the next three months, until the next update. Besides, most mid-range phones are on an update cycle of 3 months or less for security updates.

Starting with the Galaxy S21 series, Samsung promised four years of system updates and five years of security updates, and the Galaxy S24 series is the first with seven years of software support for both types of updates. Phones bought in 2024 with Android 14 will be up to date with updates until 2031, on Android 21.

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