Top Bundesliga clubs are fighting for the signature of Ianis Dobrescu

Top Bundesliga clubs are fighting for the signature of Ianis Dobrescu
Top Bundesliga clubs are fighting for the signature of Ianis Dobrescu

Ianis Dobrescu has every chance to become a top footballer! ProSport has learned that the 15-year-old footballer is already on the radar of some Bundesliga clubs.

Ianis Dobrescu, also wanted by several Bundesliga clubs

Romanian football has no shortage of talent, and an eloquent example is Ianis Dobrescu.

Several German clubs have set their eyes on Ianis Dobrescu, although he has not even turned 18 yet. Among them would be Borussia Dortmund, from the information ProSport.

“I have a sensational child, Ianis Dobrescu, in the 18 years since I have been doing this job I have not seen anything like this. He’s a striker, not a defender like Radu (no – Drăgușin). Speed, strength, discipline, left, right, at the age of 14! He is at Primavera Deva, trained by his father. I had 700 phones. I have known him since I was 11 years old. I can’t say that I’m a weak impresario, there are probably some reasons why his father chose me”, said Florin Manea, at ProSport In Playlast year.

Ianis Dobrescu, between FCSB and Barcelona

Ianis Dobrescu is already a real star at Deva! In the local press, the player confessed that he would like to reach the top of his career, one of his targets being Barcelona itself.

However, the footballer is down to earth, and in an interview given two months ago he confessed that in the country he would like to play for the team patronized by Gigi Becali.

“From Romania, I would like to play at FCSB”, said the striker, for the Hunedorean Messenger.

“I want to become a player at FC Barcelona. I say that it is possible, with a lot of work and seriousness”, added the striker, according to the cited source.

99.9%, those who went abroad at the age of 16 did not succeed and returned, the only one who succeeded I can say was Radu Drăgușin, who continues to play well and did not return to the country. I hope that Ianis will be the second one to succeed. My wife is from Deva and my wife’s cousin is his high school teacher and I’ve known Ianis since I was 10″ – Florin Manea, at ProSport Live

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