VIDEO: How lot 4 of the A7 Buzau – Focsani highway looks like, where Umbrarescu has been working daily for about two months

Umbrarescu continues the works on the A7 Buzau – Focsani highway, as can be seen in the footage taken two days ago. We remind you that the companies of the Bacauan builder, Dorinel Umbrarescu, won the entire lot from A7 – Buzau – Focsani – all 4 sections, but on the middle ones 2 and 3 – the Turks appealed. The works started at the end of September.

At the moment, Umbrarescu’s companies are working on lot 4. The National Road Infrastructure Administration Company (CNAIR) will reevaluate the offers for lots 2 and 3 (67 km) of the Buzău – Focșani Highway, after the Turks’ appeal of at Tekfen.

The one who made the video also offered explanations for the followers:

The footage was taken with a Mavic Mini 2 drone on 22.11.2022, in the morning with fog throughout the footage. Unfortunately, I could not travel the entire route of lot 4 due to the terrain and the limitations given by the drone. The video has the following content:

00:00–00:50– Northern end Focșani unloading to DN2/E85 to DJ204E to the place. Petresti

00:50–01:35– Focșani municipality bypass loop from DJ204E to the place. You’re jostling.

01:35–02:20-On Buclă in the direction of DJ 206P (loc. Jorăști) and DJ 204D (loc. Biliești) to the South through the East of Mândrești.

02:20–02:55 UMB site organization

02:55–03:49 360 degrees with the drilling works at the discharge of A7 in DN 23A between loc. Proud and Răstoaca,

03:49–04:45– South End of Lot 4.

Source: @Spiri Drone

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