Zelensky tells Russian troops there are ‘options to survive’

He said 55,000 Russian soldiers “died in this war in six months”, although Russia said the figure was much lower.

Tens of thousands of other people are “wounded and maimed”, added Zelenski.

Making a direct appeal, he said: “Do you want more? No? Then protest. Resist. Run. Or surrender to the Ukrainians. These are the options for survival.”

Zelenskiy described Vladimir Putin’s decision to mobilize 300,000 reservists as a “frank recognition that their regular army, which was trained for decades to take over a foreign country, did not hold up and collapsed.”

Because of the mobilization, war is now something that has “entered every Russian home,” he added.

He continued: “It is precisely to the fact that Ukraine is strong that the Russian leadership reacts, changing tactics and trying to attract even more Russian citizens and resources to the war.”

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