Russia, under partial mobilization: “Tell them you have four children!”. Dramatic images VIDEO

Russia, under partial mobilization: “Tell them you have four children!”. Dramatic images VIDEO
Russia, under partial mobilization: “Tell them you have four children!”. Dramatic images VIDEO

In several regions of Russia, men targeted for partial mobilization received summonses home last night, and some of them were put on buses on Thursday morning and taken to military recruitment centers. According to some publications in Russia, regional authorities even recruit fathers with 4-5 children, even though the law says they must be exempt.

Recruits from Neriungri say goodbye to their relatives Photo: Video capture

The Republic of Buryatia, in eastern Siberia, is under pressure to send new men to the war in Ukraine. The summonses were issued at 8pm on Wednesday and distributed throughout the night. They indicated the time at which those targeted had to report to the military registration and enlistment office, namely Thursday between 6 and 9 am, according to Meduza and Sibreal publications. Of the approximately 980,000 inhabitants of Buryatia, up to 7,000 could be sent as cannon fodder to Ukraine.

The employees of the military registration and enlistment office also arrived last night in the village of Kurumkan, where from a population of 5,500 inhabitants, about 700 men were summoned for mobilization. According to eyewitnesses, the night before, four buses were sent to Ulan-Ude, the capital of the Republic of Buryatia.

More than 100 people were also mobilized in Tunkinski. The mobilization plan envisages the recruitment of 2,200 men from this district.

The training of the recruits would take place in the town of Borzia, Trans-Baikal, before being sent to Ukraine.

Buryatia experienced today one of the most terrible nights in its history. People flee to Mongolia. I receive, like my colleagues from the Free Buriatia Foundation, hundreds of messages about ways to go to Ulaanbaatar. This case is about the rights of national minorities in Putin’s RussiaAleksandra Garmajapova wrote on Facebook.

Among those already mobilized is the director of the general education school in the village of Kiren. “Everyone knew there was going to be a mobilization and they were ready to come after them”claims an official.

Victoria Maladaeva, an activist from the Free Buryatia Foundation, published a video in which a member of the military registration and enlistment office was training the recruits, explaining how their lives would change.

We have to learn how to dress ourselves, give first aid, because people die from blood loss. Guys, you will be sent into battle after you are ready. Therefore, you must treat this situation as something normal”said the military commissar.

Father of five, called to battle

In the city of Ulan-Ude, a father of five children was also called up for mobilization for the war in Ukraine, said his wife, journalist Ianina Nimaeva, according to the publication

My husband is 38 years old, he is not a reservist, he did not do military training. He works in the Department of Emergency Situations of the Ulan-Ude City Hall.

His colleagues called him and asked, “Where are you? You will now receive a summons. A girl will call you and explain everything”- And at the end she asked him “Do you have five children?” (Husband) laughed, saying yes, five children. “Well, wait for the agenda“, said Nimaeva.

According to her, her husband was later called and summoned for the summons at four in the morning, and the next day, at 2:00 p.m., he was already scheduled to take a train to Chita.

“QI understand we have plans. Our republic must muster 4,000 soldiers. But some aspects and principles of this partial mobilization must be respected”she revolted.

“Tell everyone there you have four kids”

The publication Meduza reported a similar situation. On a street in the city, journalists spotted an elderly woman with a woolen scarf on her head, holding a plastic bag containing five packs of Peter I cigarettes. She is waiting for her 35-year-old son-in-law , to be brought to the recruiting station after receiving a summons.

I have three sons already there“, says the woman. “Now they will take the son-in-law. Everybody wants to fight, everybody. Men are kind of crazy” said the woman. Then her phone rang, and she answered, calmly at first, then shouted, “Pasha, are you coming? Yes, I brought cigarettes. Tell everyone there you have four kids, you hear? Tell everyone! Maybe they’ll let you go.”

According to the law, exemption from mobilization is granted to citizens identified according to rules established by the Russian government, including men unfit for service due to health reasons, single fathers and fathers with many children.

On Thursday morning, the recruits, brought in two white Fords and two yellow school buses, to the gate of the recruiting centers were seen getting out of the cars, dressed in military uniforms, with bags or rucksacks in their hands that their wives and mothers they prepared

Incidentally, several videos of men saying goodbye to their relatives have appeared on social networks.

In the video below, several men from Neriungri, a town in Saha Republic, say goodbye to relatives before being put on buses to be taken to military recruitment centers.

About 300,000 men, primarily those with combat experience and military expertise, are targeted by the partial mobilization, said Defense Minister Serghei Șoigu, after President Vladimir Putin’s announcement on Wednesday morning.

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