Controversial images in Germany: child forcibly removed from family. Harsh criticism of the authorities – VIDEO


Two children of a Bremerhaven family were taken into state care, but police denied rumors of the incident. According to Germany’s Suddeutsche Zeitung, one of the allegations that surfaced online was that the children were taken into care because Muslim parents teach the children that LGBTQ people are not accepted in Islam.

“We can deny this, of course it’s not true”, a police spokesman told the German Press Agency on Tuesday. Police have not released any information on when the custody took place.

The boy is removed from the apartment as family members argue with authorities

In the images posted on social networks and showing the joint action of the youth protection office and the police, filmed apparently by a family member, a boy is removed from an apartment.

He screams and tries to fight back, and the family members argue loudly with the police, who in turn try to explain that they are carrying out a punishment. According to the police, the video is real, but the rumors created around the images are false.

We are aware that the video in question is emotionally disturbing“, the police stated. “Taking children into care is always a last resort and only happens for serious reasons“, she added.

According to police, she helped the Youth Welfare Office take the child into court-ordered care.

Neither the police nor the youth welfare office have given information on the real reasons for taking them into care, according to their own statements, in order to protect the family and the children.

Here are the images:


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