VIDEO Ukrainian troops eliminate a group of Russian soldiers with a “death ray”

VIDEO Ukrainian troops eliminate a group of Russian soldiers with a “death ray”
VIDEO Ukrainian troops eliminate a group of Russian soldiers with a “death ray”

A group of Russian soldiers was annihilated by a weapon that was compared on social media to a “death ray” due to the visible trajectory of the projectile it fired.

Russian soldiers were hit hardPhoto: Video capture – Special Kherson Cat

The footage shows Russian soldiers moving into the open field in two groups, one further forward and one further back, with what appears to be at least one wounded. The group in the rearguard is the first to be hit by the Ukrainians, the Moscow soldiers further ahead turning to try to recover from their comrades.

Images with emotional impact:

The second group of Russian soldiers is then hit in turn, with the survivors trying to escape by running away. But it is targeted by a third Ukrainian strike, and it is not clear if there were any survivors from this latest attack.

The spectacular way in which the trajectory of the projectiles fired by the Ukrainians can be seen has triggered a wave of speculation on social networks regarding their origin, but the most plausible option seems to be that the Russian soldiers were attacked with some type of anti-tank weapon.

Some Twitter commentators also noted that, unlike other situations, in this case the Russian soldiers at least tried to save their comrades.

Another strike by the Ukrainians with the Stugna-P system?

One of the possibilities is that the classic Stugna-P system, probably the most versatile weapon in the equipment of the armed forces of Kiev, would have already been used in the attack.

Over the past months since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24 last year, numerous videos of Ukrainian strikes with this man-portable anti-tank system have appeared on social media, but all so far have been filmed by Ukrainian operators .

This appears to be the first recorded drone strike with a Stugna-P system, if indeed that was the weapon used in the attack.

A video that appeared on social networks since the summer of last year showed that the Ukrainian military uses the Stugna-P system including direct hits on Russian soldiers, although it is originally an anti-tank weapon.

The color of the vegetation visible in the new footage suggests that it was previously filmed and has only now surfaced on social media.

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