What relationship actually exists between Simona Halep and coach Patrick Mouratoglou

What relationship actually exists between Simona Halep and coach Patrick Mouratoglou
What relationship actually exists between Simona Halep and coach Patrick Mouratoglou

In April of this year, Patrick Mouratoglou ended his collaboration with Serena William and became Simona Halep’s coach. Mouratoglou is by Simona’s side at every match, but also at interviews, although the rules, strict, punctual and of an unprecedented demand in tennis tournaments, do not allow his presence. The athlete has repeatedly stated that she enjoys the coach’s unconditional support and feels honored to have him by her side.

He gives me time. He has patience. He supports me in everything I do. He tries to understand me because I think that’s the main thing I want from a trainer, to understand me, because I’m quite difficult most of the time. Yeah, he’s great at it“, declared Simona, appropriately prosport.ro.

During a match, Mouratoglou spoke with emotion about the privilege of being Simona’s coach.

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I experienced incredible emotions being on the field with her. I thought, ‘wow, I’m not done with this at all. And I said: ‘thank you, because thanks to you I love again the job that I love so much, and I thought I didn’t love anymore. I said to myself: ‘imagine if everyone wanted to work with you, who would you choose? And I always came back to her. And it was clear to me‘”, declared Mouratoglou recently.

More pictures of Simona and Mouratoglou in poses that denote a certain closeness, here.

Five aspects that feed the speculation that between the two there would be more than a professional relationship

The ProSport publication inventoried the aspects that fuel the speculation that the relationship between Simona and the coach would extend beyond the tennis court.

1. Toni Iuruc has not been present at any tournament since Simona Halep signed the contract with Patrick Mouratoglou, i.e. from April 7, 2022;

2. The concession made at Roland Garros, where Simona’s parents, her brother with his family (wife, daughter Tania) and eight other relatives from Macedonia (brought by Simona’s father), was a disaster: Halep lost in the 2nd round to a Chinese woman mediocre. Immediately, Mouratoglou posted a message on social networks in which he took all the blame for the failure. At the same time, surprisingly, Simona Halep defended the coach and fired Virginia Ruzici;

3. Also then, Simona Halep signed a management contract with a Swede, Nina Wennerstrom, Mouratoglou’s best collaborator (a former tennis player, Wennerstrom is the most influential woman in Scandinavian sports);

4. Even though Simona Halep trained in several stages at Mouratoglou’s academy on the Côte d’Azur, Toni Iuruc was never with his wife in those training sessions;

5. Simona Halep went to the United States at the beginning of August without Toni Iuruc: he “flew” to New York for a few days before the US Open and only after Simona Halep dropped out in Cincinnati (two days after winning the title in Toronto). ProSport sources reveal that, in New York, where Simona and Toni met before she entered the competition at the US Open, the two had some heated discussions.

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