A young woman died in an accident caused by her boyfriend, who had been driving for only a few days


A 17-year-old girl died after the car in which she was a passenger rolled several times on the road, near Timișoara, on Sunday night, around 01:00. The driver was her friend, 19 years old, who had just gotten his license and received the car as a gift from his parents, according to CNN’s Antena3.

The two were in a hurry to get to a party in the town of Beregsăul Mare, about 20 kilometers from Timisoara. None of them were wearing seat belts, according to the central media. Thus, the girl’s body was “thrown” from the car during the accident. Her boyfriend survived the crash and is being investigated for manslaughter.

“I know absolutely nothing except that I was informed that he had an accident. I was not told it was a serious accident. I didn’t know he died. The policemen told me on the phone that he is in rescue, receiving medical care.
When we arrived at the scene, she was dead. They didn’t tell me then either, but the criminal killed my daughter.

That’s all I know to tell you. I don’t know who that criminal is. I don’t want him to go to jail. I want him to be three meters away like my girl. My princess is gone, she died, because of him. A freak destroyed my face.
He didn’t tell me he was going anywhere. The girl was at work, left work, went home. After, I don’t know what happened”, said the girl’s mother, according to stiripesource.ro.

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