Incredible. Neighbors fought to the death against a gym


Incredible opposition for a proposed private gym in Cluj. The neighbors fought as if a meth lab was going to be built there :). They repeatedly talked about the quality of life, but the concept refers to the general good, not to the comfort of two or three people. It’s a gym, let’s be glad it’s done.

The investment belongs to the Anca and Vasile Cublesan family, wrestling instructors.

Area residents said the hall would bring in traffic. The project includes 12 parking spaces for cars and 12 for bicycles. Vice-mayor Dan Tarcea requested that the number of parking spaces be at least doubled, as many of the children will come to practice on bicycles. According to the beneficiary, groups of children in classes do not exceed 20 except in exceptional cases.


of square meters is owned by the Cubleșan family on Ștefan Pascu Street. The beneficiary donates 205 square meters for the widening of the street.

One of the neighbors protested that the hall was too close to his property. In the meeting, Andreea Mureșan, the head of the urban strategies office, proposed the reduction of the changing rooms and the moving of the building, so as to gain more space from the neighbors. The architect assumed that he would make this change.

Another dissatisfaction concerned the short distance from the water network. Interestingly, all the houses in the area are the same distance apart. “We all know that the law does not apply to existing constructions, but to those to be built,” said a neighbor.

The project was approved with the two conditions: to verify the Someș Water Company’s approvals and to move the hall to the south, in order to withdraw sufficiently from the neighbors.

The proposed height regime is two basement levels and one high ground floor.

30% of the total space will be green. A curtain of trees will be created between the future hall and a neighboring property.

The designer of the gym is the Endorfina Concept office, of the architect Alida Vișan.

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