AUR is betting on Lidia, the daughter of Vadim Tudor, for the Sector 5 City Hall

AUR is betting on Lidia, the daughter of Vadim Tudor, for the Sector 5 City Hall
AUR is betting on Lidia, the daughter of Vadim Tudor, for the Sector 5 City Hall

The daughter of Corneliu Vadim Tudor enters the race for the Mayor of Sector 5 from the AUR side. She will have counter-candidates, most likely, the general councilor Adrian Ghiveciu (PSD), the son of Cristian Popescu Piedone, the current mayor, Vlad Popescu Piedone (PUSL) and Alexandru Dimitriu (USR).

Who is Lidia Vadim Tudor?

Lidia Vadim Tudor, associated with the nationalist ideology promoted by her father and considered by some to be extremist, graduated from the “IL Caragiale” National College and then attended the Faculty of Journalism at Spiru Haret University. He has a master’s degree in Mass Media and Communication. In 2021, he founded the Romanian Vadimist Party, which aims to promote the moderate nationalist values ​​of his father.

He also attended the courses of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of Spiru Haret University and holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and psychological intervention. He is, since 2015, editor-in-chief of “România Mare” Magazine.

Mihai Enache, the AUR candidate for Bucharest City Hall, said that he is confident that Lidia’s fight will be a successful one because he knows that she also has a very good team of advisers behind her.

“We all know Sector 5 as having two eternal characteristics, as it were: the smallest and poorest sector of Bucharest. In my career in the Administration I had a short experience at the Town Hall of Sector 5 and I managed to find out then how great the need is for serious investments and serious approaches in sector 5. I learned that it is needed from the regeneration of the famous deprived areas that have us they made negative publicity at the international level, the famous Aleea Livezilor, the Iacob Andrei area, and we could list many more, up to the need to bring back the charm of the Cotroceni neighborhood or the central area of ​​the sector. During that time, I managed to prepare development plans and financing projects for many projects which, unfortunately, after eight years, are probably still in the drawers of the offices of the Sector 5 City Hall. In Sector 5, we have schools that close because they are invaded by bedbugs, and this reflects a lack of investment that has lasted for years in the sector with schools where work begins and which are practically abandoned as the years go by, crowding the schools with learning in two or three shifts. A serious and courageous approach is needed, a mayor who is not afraid of European funds is needed, it is another element that has characterized the administration of Sector 5 for many years”, said Mihai Enache, according to the quoted source.

Mihai Enache concluded by saying that “We need a mayor who is not afraid to take on serious projects, big investment projects. In Sector 5, the choice of AUR for the citizens of Sector 5 is Lidia Vadim Tudor”.

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