Serious accident! Famous doctor from us, in a coma!

Serious accident! Famous doctor from us, in a coma!
Serious accident! Famous doctor from us, in a coma!

A vacation with a tragic outcome for two families of Romanian doctors in Dubai. They were seriously injured, one of them arrived at the hospital in a coma, after the bus they were in was hit by a truck.

Nightmare holiday for several Romanian doctors in Dubai. It is about two families of doctors, one from Vaslui and one from Buzău. The two families went on a trip to Dubai with their children. The tourists were involved in a terrible road accident. They were in a coach and were going to a tourist attraction when they were hit head-on by a truck. The impact was devastating, the coach rolled off the road and the tourists were seriously injured.

A very popular female doctor in Vaslui was seriously injured and was hospitalized in critical condition. The doctors took her straight into the operating room, where they removed her spleen, but she also lost a lot of blood and suffered a severe head injury. And the family of doctors from Buzău was injured, one of them is in a coma at the moment. The children of the two families miraculously escaped unharmed.

Simona Dascălu was on vacation, together with her husband and little girl. The three were part of a larger group traveling by coach to a tourist attraction. At one point, Dr. Dascălu got up from his chair to give something to the little girl, just then the coach was hit by a truck. The impact was so strong that the coach overturned outside the roadway and several people were seriously injured, including the doctor from Vaslui. She arrived at the hospital in serious condition, suffered multiple traumas, and the doctors had to remove her spleen. The doctor’s condition is still serious but stable.

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