A model in India faked her death. He soon revealed why he did it

A model in India faked her death. He soon revealed why he did it
A model in India faked her death. He soon revealed why he did it

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02/03/2024 22:34

Poonam Pandey, 32 years old, became famous in 2011. PHOTO: Profimedia Images

An Indian model faked her own death to raise awareness of cervical cancer. She justified her gesture by saying it was “necessary” to do so, reports Sky News.

Poonam Pandey, 32, rose to fame in 2011 when she promised to strip for the Indian cricket team if they won the World Cup. Since then she has appeared in films and reality shows.

On Friday, an announcement was made on her Instagram page that she had died of cervical cancer.

“This morning is a difficult one for us. We lost Poonam to cervical cancer,” is part of the message that was posted on her account.

Pandey’s management team also confirmed her death to the media, while her co-stars posted tributes on social media.

But some fans were skeptical after a few days ago Poonam Pandey posted pictures in which she seemed to be feeling fine. Also, after learning the truth, many criticized her.

She later explained in a video posted on Saturday that she was not dead and apologized to her fans for shocking them with the news.

“Yes, I faked my death. Extreme, I know. But suddenly we’re all talking about cervical cancer, aren’t we? I’m proud of what this news has accomplished. Unlike other cancers, cervical cancer is entirely preventable. The key lies in the HPV vaccine and early detection tests. We have the means to ensure that no one loses their life to this disease,” Pandey said.

In a later post where she tried to defend herself, she said: “Feel free to express your frustration, I understand.”

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