“Palace of the Princes of Transylvania”, inaugurated today in Alba Iulia in the presence of the Minister of Culture


Incredible scenes on Saturday morning on a street in Alba Iulia. A garbage truck crushed several cars and toppled a tree on the side of the road. It happened on Vasile Goldiș Street in the Municipality, around 06.00.

According to IPJ Alba, “on Vasile Goldiș street, a vehicle intended for waste collection, which was driven by a 56-year-old man from Teiuș, allegedly hit five parked cars, after which it stopped in a tree. As a result of the impact, no one was injured”.

Even if there were no casualties, the material damage is significant.

The incident was captured by surveillance cameras in the area. The images clearly show how the garbage truck comes out of a side street leading to Vasile Goldiș and heavily damages several cars parked legally on the side of the road, after which it ricochets into a tree.

The event was resolved as a collision, and the driver was penalized according to the law, in the case the police are conducting investigations to determine how the incident happened.

• The sanitation service in Alba, among the most expensive in the country

The sanitation service in Alba Iulia is far from being perfect or up to the standards of a European city of 2024, as we all want or if we are to go by the rates charged by the RER-Vest company.

In December 2023, there was a new price increase for waste collection, which reached 17.11 lei/person/month, one of the highest in Romania. At such prices, you would expect the streets to be “light-bulb”, which does not happen in Alba Iulia.

The piles of uncollected garbage and the mess at the collection points have led the city’s residents to resort to all kinds of methods to get rid of the household waste that the company does not pick up on time or even at all.

Exasperated by the seemingly endless situation, people take their garbage that has not been picked up for weeks in front of the headquarters of the sanitation company in Alba Iulia. The people of Albaiul resort to this decision after days of trying to contact the company’s representatives, but their attempts to solve the problem in another way do not yield results. Attempts to resolve the situation amicably never yield results, so they take the trash to the company headquarters.

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