Letter: ‘Castle Street works seem routine not urgent’

Letter: ‘Castle Street works seem routine not urgent’
Letter: ‘Castle Street works seem routine not urgent’

It therefore strikes me that to schedule the start of the roadworks two weeks in advance with gas leaking all the time suggests the remedial works are “routine” and not “urgent”.

Now, if we accept the work must be done “urgently”, the question now is: will SGN workers be working all available daylight hours, nine hours this time of year, seven days a week?

Or will it be the usual utility working practice – half a day here and half a day there?

My guess is it will be the latter because there will be no oversight by the relevant authorities.

This proposed work will disrupt traffic flow on the strategic main routes around Salisbury and highlights yet again the need for a proper ring road to be built.

Perhaps the upcoming traffic chaos as large HGVs try to find a way around the city will demonstrate this.

Finally, I dread to think how the emergency services are going to cope with the probable gridlock.
I assume someone has given this some thought and planning.

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