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Road accident in Ovidiu! One of the drivers involved, drunk

On February 2, at around 8:20 p.m., the police officers from the Ovidiu City Police intervened following a notification regarding a road accident.

A motorist reported a collision with another vehicle on DN 2A.

Police crews arrived at the scene and confirmed the circumstances of the accident.

Official from IPJ Constanța

On February 2 this year, around 8:20 p.m., police officers from the Ovidiu City Police were alerted by a driver about the fact that he was involved in a road accident, i.e. a collision with another car, driven by a man, on DN 2A.

The police officers who went to the scene found that the reports were confirmed.

The drivers were tested with the breathalyzer device, the result, in the case of the man who notified the police, was 0.57 mg/l of pure alcohol in the exhaled air.

Later, the man was taken to the hospital, for the taking of biological samples, in order to establish the alcohol level in the blood.

A criminal investigation file was drawn up in the case.

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