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Big day in the Romanian Orthodox calendar. What a saint is commemorated today

Big day in the Romanian Orthodox calendar. What a saint is commemorated today
Big day in the Romanian Orthodox calendar. What a saint is commemorated today

The righteous and Saint Simeon also announced the crucifixion of Christ, when he told the Virgin Mary that a sword would pass through her soul.

“How great is the glory of Saint and Righteous Simeon in the heavens, the one who received the Baby Jesus in his arms! It can be seen from an event in the life of Saint Peter the Atonite, which is celebrated on June 12. Being the commander of the army, Peter was taken prisoner and thrown into prison in the fortress of Samara on the banks of the Euphrates River. Suffering in prison, Peter prayed with tears to Saint Nicholas to ask God to save him from there, promising that he would give his whole life afterwards God. Saint Nicholas appeared to him in a vision and told him that although he takes his prayer to God, God does not fulfill it, because another time he made this promise with difficulty and did not keep it. then Saint Nicholas advised Peter to pray to Saint and Righteous Simeon who is very obedient before God, being close to His Throne, together with the Blessed Virgin and Saint John the Baptist.Peter obeyed and began to pray to Saint and Righteous Simeon. Then again Saint Nicholas appeared to him, together with the Righteous Simeon, but not in a vision but in reality. Peter saw Righteous Simeon in great glory, with a shining face and dressed in the priestly clothes of the Old Testament, carrying a golden staff in his hand. The righteous Simeon asked Peter: “Do you want to fulfill your promise and become a monk?” To this, Peter replied: “I will, Master, with God’s help.” Saint Simeon then touched Peter’s chains with his staff and they melted like wax. Opening the prison door, the Saint took Peter out”. (Saint Nicolae Velimirovici, “Prologues from Ohrida”, vol. I, Cartea Ortodoxa Publishing House, Egumenita Publishing House)

Holy Prophetess Ana

The prophetess Ana also rejoiced at the sight of the Child Savior. It was hypothesized that she was a cultic prophetess, in the sense that she offered sacrifices for those who were unjust and needed God’s help. In the icon of the Meeting of the Lord, the prophetess Saint Ana, daughter of Fanuel, appears, holding an open phylactery in her hand, on which is written: This child made heaven and earth. Ana served God in the temple from her youth “in fasting and in prayers” (Lk. 2, 37). She represents the faithful people who stay close to the Church and spend the night and day in fasting and prayer, a sign that waiting or meeting God is prepared through fasting and prayer.

Also today, we commemorate:
– To the Holy Martyrs Adrian and Evul;
– Saint Nicholas of Japan;
– To the prophet Azaria;
– To the Holy Martyr Vlasie Bouarul;
– Saint Claudius;
– To the martyrs Paul and Simon;
– Saint Igantie from Mariopol

According to the Synaxar of the Saints everywhere, the Ortodox Book Publishing House, today we commemorate:
Saints Mk. LAWRENCE, IGNATIE and the Holy Martyr CELERINA from North Africa (3rd century)
Saint St. Mc. CELERIN, deacon from Carthage (approx. +250)
Saints Mk. PAPIAS, CLAUDIAN and DIODORUS from Perga Pamphylia (+250);
Holy Martyr SECONDINA, virgin from Agnani (Italy, +257);
Saints Jer. LUPICIN and FELIX, bishops of Lyon (France, 5th century);
Holy Martyr IA from Ireland, who suffered in England (+450);
Saint CAELLAIN of Ireland (6th century?);
Saints Jer. TIGIDES and REMEDIA, bishops of Gap (France, 6th century);
Saint Jer. LAWRENCE, bishop of Spoleto (Italy, +576);
Saint Jer. PHILIP, bishop of Vienne (France, c. +578);
Holy Cuv. ADELIN, founder of Chelles Monastery (Belgium, +690);
Holy Cuv. DEODAT, monk at Lagny (France, 8th century);
Saint Cuv. WERBURGA, abbess at Hanbury (England, c. +700);
Saint Cuv. BERLINDA, nun at Moorsel and then hermit in Meerbeke (Belgium, +702);
Saint Cuv. WERBURGA, abbess at Bardney (ca +785);
Saint Jer. ANATOLIA, bishop in Cilicia, confessor (9th century);
Saint Jer. ANSGAR, bishop of Hamburg, enlightener of Denmark and Sweden;
Saint St. Mc. LIAFDAG, bishop of Jutland (Denmark, c. +980);
Holy Cuv. OLIVER, monk from Ancona (Italy, c. +1050);
Saint GABRIEL (Svyatoslav) and DIMITRIE, his son, from Yuriev (+1253);
Saint ROMAN, prince of Uglici (Russia, +1285);
Saint Jer. SIMEON, bishop of Tversi Polotsk (Russia, 289);
Saint Jer. JACOB, Archbishop of Serbia (+1292);
Holy Cuv. SAVA from Loanina (Greece, XV century);
Saint Jer. IGNATIE, Metropolitan of Gothia and Kafa (+1786);
New Saints Mc. STAMATIE and IOAN, brothers together with NICOLAE, their companion from Chios (1822);
Saints New Martyrs from Russia (+1938):
IOAN (Tomilov), ADRIAN (Troitski),
TIMOTEI (Izotov), ​​VASILE (Zaleski);
Saint New Mc. MIHAIL (Agaev) from Russia (+1938); ‘
Holy Cuv. New Mc. VLADIMIR (Zagreb), hieromonk (Russia, +1938);
Saints Mk. FELIX, IPOLIT, SIMPRONIE and those with them from North Africa [AP.];
Dormition of Venerable PAVEL, hieromonk from the Simonov Monastery,
disciple of Saint Paisius Velicikovsky (+1825);
Dormition of the Venerable NEOPHIT, hieromonk from the Neamţ Monastery and abbot of the Secu Monastery (Romania, +1886).

Tomorrow, February 4, we commemorate Saint Isidor Pelusiot.


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