What the attacker who killed his colleagues in Belgrade said when he called the police. The sinister message sent to the authorities

What the attacker who killed his colleagues in Belgrade said when he called the police. The sinister message sent to the authorities
What the attacker who killed his colleagues in Belgrade said when he called the police. The sinister message sent to the authorities

Kosta Kecmanovic, the 14-year-old who killed his classmates, spent a month in an apartment in central Belgrade making a detailed plan. The police found his handwriting on two papers – a sketch and a list.

Early Wednesday morning. He enters the school with a backpack. Instead of books, he pulls out a CZ-99 pistol.

He shoots the goalkeeper from 14 meters. He walks towards the maids in the school hall. He shoots first the one sitting at the table, then the friend next to her and finally the girl at the piano.

As gunshots ring out in the school, he opens the classroom door. Instead of greeting, he shoots the teacher. He turns to his colleagues and continues to shoot. Five of them died on the spot. Six are in hospital. And the lives of two of them are in danger.

“I’m a psychopath who needs to calm down”

As the injured children call for help, he walks through the school and out into the yard of the facility. Lower the gun and remove the ammo. He brought another gun and 4 Molotov cocktails in his backpack.

Call the police. Without any trace of remorse, he says: “I’m a psychopath who needs to calm down.”

He shot perfectly, because he “practiced” with his father in the range since he was 12 years old. The guns were stolen from his father’s safe, although it was coded. He also “planned” everything so that he would not remain a prisoner. He knew that in a month he would turn 14 and that today he is just a “child”, writes the local press.

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He fired 57 shots

He fired a total of 57 shots at those with whom he shared the school unit every day.

At this time, Kosta Kecmanovic was taken to the psychiatric clinic for children and youth in Belgrade. His father, a renowned radiologist, is behind bars. Taught him to shoot at the age of 12. Taught him how to hold a gun. And his mother and sister left Belgrade.

The attacker’s sister is also a student at the same school and was in a classroom close to the one where her brother killed his classmates.

Meanwhile, footage has emerged of the moment the nearly 14-year-old was arrested by police after opening fire during history class. Seven other people, including the boy’s history teacher, were injured.

The daughter of the coach from SCM Zalău was killed

Among the students killed is the daughter of a former volleyball player from Serbia, now a coach in Romania, at SCM Zalău.

“The team and management of the SCM ZALĂU club are with our coach, Dragan Kobiljski, in these difficult moments, caused by the passing away of his daughter at the age of only 13. Sincere condolences, Dragan!” is the message sent by the club’s representatives.

He planned the attack in detail

The Serbian press writes that the teenager who committed the massacre had good academic results. He allegedly went to school with two guns, stolen from his father.

During the attack, the boy allegedly changed several chargers. A few hours after the attack, the boy’s father was also detained. He claims that the weapons were locked in a safe, under a code. But authorities say it’s obvious the boy had the code since he was able to get his hands on the gun. Moreover, the authorities say that the boy had planned the attack long in advance.

The boy, as he himself stated, planned to commit this act. He made a list of the children he planned to liquidate. He himself drew the entrance and exit plans of the school, which were found in his office. As he himself said, he set priority targets.

“She thought the boy with the gun would run after her. He’s in shock!”

Colleagues of the attacker told about the moments of horror they went through.

“I was downstairs, I had sports class on the ground floor, I heard the shots. He didn’t stop, it wasn’t like he fired one shot at a time, he just kept firing. I didn’t know what was going on, I was getting some messages on my phone. Some kids in seventh grade, second grade, weren’t responding, so we were really scared.

A boy was shot in the leg. A girl was injured, I think two more boys. But he didn’t shoot them all. It was horrible,” the children say.

The parents who came to the school surrounded by the authorities did not receive any news about their children for dozens of minutes.

“They killed her. She was on duty at school. She was happy. It would have been better if he had stayed in Thessaloniki. Last night she returned with her parents”, says the grandmother of one of the victims.

“My daughter was in that class, along with the other students, hiding under the benches while the boy shot and shot the teacher. That’s what my baby was saying when I found her, she was in shock. He was out of his mind,” says a parent.

“My child survived, you can’t imagine, she saw a man falling, shooting, she was running, she thought the boy with the gun would run after her. He is in shock. She agreed to talk, but she’s shocked,” says another.

One of the injured students underwent brain surgery

The father of one of the school’s students said the attacker was a victim of bullying. His attack shocked even the authorities.

“A tragedy occurred at the Vladislav Ribnikar primary school at 08:40. A seventh grade boy loaded his gun and our school security guard couldn’t stop him, he died protecting the kids. The history teacher was shot, she is in the hospital”, says Milan Nedeljkovic, mayor of Vracar,

The student with the most serious injuries is in critical condition after undergoing brain surgery. The Serbian authorities have decreed that May 5, 6 and 7 will be days of national mourning in memory of the victims of the attack. In parallel, the investigation continues to establish the causes that led to this tragedy.

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