VIDEO Who is the killer “nerd” who committed the massacre in Belgrade. He had a blacklist of victims

VIDEO Who is the killer “nerd” who committed the massacre in Belgrade. He had a blacklist of victims
VIDEO Who is the killer “nerd” who committed the massacre in Belgrade. He had a blacklist of victims

According to Serbian media, the boy responsible for the mass attack is named Kosta Kecmanović, born on July 30, 2009, and comes from a family of respectable parents. His father is a well-known radiologist, while his mother is a university professor of microbiology.

Who is the murderous “nerd” who committed the Belgrade massacre? He had a blacklist of victims

Kosta was a talented and polite child, winning competitions in his hometown. But, at school, he was nicknamed “nerd”, a fact that led him to request a transfer to another class where he had three friends. Unfortunately, he was not well received there either, and this led the teenager to elaborate on the bloody planning for a mass attack.

A girl at the school stated that Kosta was frequently teased by his peers. At one point, he would have been the victim of some violence during some acting classes and there is a medical report in this regard.

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The 13-year-old student allegedly sketched out the attack in detail on crumpled pieces of paper, which officials presented at a somber news conference.

At the time of the attack, Kosta had two handwritten documents on him. One was a list of 16 names and surnames of children from the 7th grade B of the Elementary School “Vladislav Ribnikar”.

On top of the paper was written “OB. P.”, probably an abbreviation for “primary objectives”. One name was crossed out, so that the names of eight boys and seven girls remained on the list.

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The second document was a colored plan of the school with the layout of the classrooms and the inscription “PRIMARY TARGETS”

The first reports of the shootings emerged shortly after students arrived to start the day at Vladislav Ribnikar Elementary School, a well-known institution in Vračar, an upscale area of ​​the Serbian capital. Panicked parents rushed to the scene.

Seven girls and a boy were killed, along with the security guard, Belgrade police chief Veselin Milić told a news conference. A French student was among those killed on Wednesday, the French Foreign Ministry said.

Six other children and a teacher were hospitalized, Serbia’s Interior Ministry said.

Evgenija, aged 14, said she knew the alleged attacker. “He was kind of quiet, seemed nice and had good grades. I didn’t know much about him, he wasn’t that open to everyone. I would never have expected this to happen,” she said, quoted by Reuters.

How did the Belgrade massacre begin?

The suspect opened fire in a history classroom, “because it was close to the school entrance,” he added.

He first killed the security guard, then went to another classroom, where he shot several of his classmates, Milić said. The teenager then called the police and waited to be arrested in the school yard.

The killer was later filmed being led out of the school in handcuffs, with a jacket over his head and wearing blue jeans. He was flanked by police officers and led away in an unmarked police car.

The killer had two guns at home in a safe

According to Serbia’s interior minister, Bratislav Gasic, the boy brought two weapons from home. “The father had several guns and kept them locked up. The safe had a code. Obviously the kid had the code as soon as he was able to get his hands on the two guns. And three full frames with 15 rounds each.”

The police chief said the boy had a 9 mm pistol and a small caliber pistol in a bag, as well as four Molotov cocktails.

Officials said the shootings were premeditated and displayed sheets of paper that allegedly showed the suspect’s plans for the attack.

The student’s parents were arrested

The suspect’s father and mother were also arrested, according to Serbian officials, who added that the father was known to have previously visited a shooting range with his son, whose age was initially given as 14.

The prosecutor’s office said it ordered the father to be detained for up to 48 hours, being “suspected of committing the crime of serious crimes against general security.”

The 13-year-old suspect will be placed in a special psychiatric facility, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said, adding that the shooting suspect had shown no remorse, according to CNN.

As the country reeled from the shootings, Serbian President Vucic suggested at a news conference on Wednesday that the government should consider lowering the age of criminal responsibility in the country.

The current law on juvenile offenders states that minors must be at least 14 years old to be charged criminally, with Vucic suggesting that the age should be lowered to 12.

Serbia has a high level of firearms possession following the conflict with Kosovo in the 1990s; a 2018 study found the country to have the third highest level of firearm ownership in the world, tied with Montenegro and behind the US and Yemen.

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