This is the author of the Belgrade massacre. A possible motive for the attack was discovered


Kosta K. (14 years old) broke into the “Vladislav Ribnikar” school in the Vračar district of Belgrade on Wednesday morning and killed several people, while several others were injured. According to official information, he killed at least eight students and the guard of the educational unit.

The attacker from Belgrade was an Olympian in history

From his educational records filed in the school archive, it follows that Kosta K. participated in many school competitions, obtaining notable performances in several mathematics contests. Not far from last year, he won third place at the History Olympiad, the municipal phase. On Wednesday, the bloodbath began precisely because of his anger towards the history teacher, whose class he entered and started shooting.

As some students told Serbian publications, the attacker, who was in the sixth grade last year, was constantly bullied by his classmates, which is why in the seventh grade he moved to another class, where he was allegedly , also a victim of peer violence.

The father of a girl who was in the classroom where the shootings took place said he learned from his daughter that the attacker was a very good student. On Wednesday morning, he entered the classroom with a cold expression on his face and opened fire. “My daughter was in that class, in the classroom where the boy fired the first shots, first at the teacher, then he started shooting at the children who were under the benches. My child started to run away”he declared.

The students thought someone was throwing firecrackers

Another student, who was in sports class, claims that she saw the exact moment when the school guard collapsed, but at the moment she didn’t realize what it was about. “I saw the guard fall, but I thought someone was throwing firecrackers”she said.

She went on to describe the horror she witnessed. “I had physical education and I went up to the top floor. From there I heard the explosion and saw that the guard collapsed. I went downstairs and told the teachers what happened. After that we all retreated to a safe place, after which we heard more gunshots”the girl declared.

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She also adds that she knew the attacker and that she did not expect such a thing from him. “I don’t know if there were any indications that he could have committed a deed of such gravity. He was nice, quiet, got good grades. I never would have said he would do something like that”said the student.

In addition to the eight students killed, four others were urgently hospitalized and put directly into the operating room, one girl’s life being even in danger. “Three more children were hospitalized at Tiršov University Children’s Clinic in Belgrade, one in critical condition in the operating room with head injuries. The other two are in intensive care and have gunshot wounds to the limbs”said medical sources.

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The student fired at least 15 rounds from two magazines, police sources said. Moreover, the law enforcement officers allegedly found a backpack with weapons, ammunition and Molotov cocktails inside the school. At the moment, it is not known for sure whether that backpack was brought to school by Kosta, but this will be clarified during the hearings, as the boy was arrested shortly after being restrained by some classmates.

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