Who is Simion Apreutese, the businessman who wants to buy FCSB from Gigi Becali. The connection with CSA Steaua and the last-minute decision that facilitates the transaction

Who is Simion Apreutese, the businessman who wants to buy FCSB from Gigi Becali. The connection with CSA Steaua and the last-minute decision that facilitates the transaction
Who is Simion Apreutese, the businessman who wants to buy FCSB from Gigi Becali. The connection with CSA Steaua and the last-minute decision that facilitates the transaction

Gigi Becali revealed exclusively at FANATIK SUPERLIGA the name of the businessman who wants to buy FCSB. It is about Simion Apreutese, a native of Arada, who, until recently, was involved in the sponsorship of CSA Steaua.

Who is Simion Apreutese, the man who wants to take FCSB from Gigi Becali

Gigi Becali testified that Simion Apreutese ended up negotiating to buy FCSB through Ilie Dumitrescu. According to the landowner from Pipera, the businessman from Arada is a financially powerful man.

“I just had a negotiation yesterday, the man came to me yesterday. He is a Romanian who wants to give 25 million per team. I told him that the situation is different, if I win the championship it’s 40 million, if not, 25 remains.

He is a Romanian businessman. Cica has 3,000 employees, it has companies in France, Germany, Spain. That’s what he told me. The transaction is done immediately. The man has all the money, he gives it and it’s done. If you don’t want to sell anymore, I’ll give you 10 million and I’ll get in with 20%, to be there, in case you want to sell it.

They are not the Dedeman brothers. Do you know who it is? Ask Ilie Dumitrescu who he is, because he brought it. He is a boy from Arad. Simion Apreutese is. Now I don’t want to talk about selling the team anymore, because now I want the championship, I don’t talk to anyone, neither players, nor the team, nor anything”, declared Gigi Becali, exclusively at FANATIK SUPERLIGA.

If he reaches an agreement with Gigi Becali, Simion Apreutese will be on his second experience as a shareholder in the SuperLiga. In the 2020-2021 season, International Alexander was the main private sector sponsor of the UTA Arad club.

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The transport company run by Simion and Loredana Apreutese is 100% Romanian-owned and is headquartered in Arad. The company has a team of approximately 2500 people with activities in transport, logistics, production and Real Estate, being number one in the field in Romania. It has been awarded for years in a row as the best transport company in our country.

In the last year, Simion Apreutese has significantly increased his portfolio. He also took over the freight carrier Vio Transgrup, from Dâmbovița county, and in May 2021 he also struck an international blow, buying the Czech operations of Brandl, a company in the field of auto parts. The annual turnover of the companies owned by Apreutese would be approximately 85 million euros, according to Ziarul Financiar.

“We received €75 million on FCSB, with everything!” Gigi Becali gave the answer immediately

“After that press conference where he announced that he was selling the team, Simi (no businessman Simion Apreutese) he asked me to mediate a discussion with Gigi (no. Gigi Becali).

I turned to Victor Becali to talk to Gigi, called him and last week a meeting was set. The team won in Craiova and the price is no longer 25 million euros, it has changed.

I saw that Gigi already said that the price is different because FCSB will take the championship. There is also the option of a collaboration, i.e. to buy a part of the shares”, explained Ilie Dumitrescu, at Digi Sport.

International Alexander was, until recently, the sponsor of CSA Steaua!

Starting from September 2021, International Alexander Holding became the main sponsor of the CSA Steaua club. The contract, valid for two years, expires at the end of this season, and the transport company decided not to extend the deal, information revealed exclusively by Fanatik.

During the period of the agreement, International Alexander was heavily involved in the smooth running of things at Academia Steaua. Simion Apreutese’s transport company represented support for the training of coaches at academies abroad, but also for the international tournament for children and juniors, the Steaua Cup. At the same time, the company from Arada also provided support for the club’s senior team, which is active in League 2.

It was the second major sponsor that the “military” lost, after the company Porotherm also withdrew its support in the middle of the season. Our website has learned that CSA Steaua is losing financial support on the conveyor belt due to the recent scandals caused by Florin Talpan and the passivity of the leadership of Club Sportiv al Armatei, which does not make sufficient efforts to promote its commercial partners, so as it should happen at a club of Stela’s size.

He also tried to attract Ilie Dumitrescu to UTA Arad

Returning to UTA, Simion Apreutese was not only a sponsor of the Aradenian team through the company International Alexander, but last year he was extremely interested in even buying the team currently coached by Mircea Rednic.

“At the moment, the discussions are advanced for the takeover of the UTA club, but there was no agreement signed between the two parties, an agreement that we hope will be perfected in the near future, so that the involvement we want can be realized already from this break competitive”said Simion Apreutese, at that time, through a press release.

Ilie Dumitrescu was also involved in the attempt to take over UTA, the man who now put Gigi Becali and Simion Apreutese in contact. If an agreement had been reached with the “textileists”, the former international great would have gone on to occupy the position of president.

“I was invited by Simion Apreutese to the Sepsi – UTA match. There is a possibility that he is involved there, I was offered a position. It is a traditional club, important in Romanian football. First of all, it is extremely important that Mr. Simion gets involved in the life of the club. If he doesn’t get involved, I have nothing to say… I’m determined!

For now, the function has not been established. It is important to be part of this project. Both the County Council and the City Hall must support the team, because it is the city’s team. I like the idea and it will be quite a serious project”declared Ilie Dumitrescu, last spring.

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