Who is Calin Donca? “I always knew I would be rich”

Who is Calin Donca? “I always knew I would be rich”
Who is Calin Donca? “I always knew I would be rich”

Călin Donca is one of the youngest millionaires in the country. Find out what his success story is.

In the article:

Find out from the following lines who exactly Călin Donca is and how he came to have the success he has today in his career.

In addition, discover what his professional path was, but also other details of his personal life.

Who is Calin Donca?

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Who is Calin Donca?

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Calin Donca she is less than 40 years old and owns a business that brings millions of euros to her account. The young man is in the Top Forbes 500, drives luxury cars and lives in an impressive villa with his wife and their five children.

In the program “Asta-i România”, broadcast on Kanal D, Călin Donca presented his home of over one million euros where he lives with his wonderful family, the seven luxurious cars and revealed where he left from and how reached the point where he

it allows a living that many don’t even dare to dream of.

“For me, being a millionaire means having a million euros a month, clean profit, which you can further invest in whatever you want. I always knew I would be rich. I figured the difference between then was just a matter of time, and the harder I work, the shorter the time will be.

“, Calin said.

The young man built a real empire with his wife and together they went through the hardships that put them to the test over time.

Although he started from the bottom, Călin is one of the youngest millionaires through hard work and ambition.

We don’t come from a rich family. At first I slept on a mattress. That’s how we started in Brașov. I ate bread with oil for a long time “, said the young millionaire.

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What is the secret of success behind the young millionaire

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Who is Calin Donca?

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Currently, Călin Donca owns a profitable business in the field of energy and is in the top 500 richest Romanians even though he is not yet 40 years old.

He has a luxurious villa in Brașov, with a swimming pool, a salt pan, two saunas and a gym, and he drives cars worth over two million euros.

The young man left Timișoara, where he worked in sales, insurance and advertising, opened his own restaurants and hotels, and now owns an energy business that brings millions of euros into his account.

Asked what is the secret behind his success, Călin confessed that it is a matter of hard work and ambition.

Making money means struggling a lot in the beginning. The more rejections you have in sales, the faster you will get to the money “, said Călin in the program “Asta-i România”.

Thus, although over time he encountered numerous challenges, Călin did not give up and worked twice as hard.

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I have been working in the energy field for 8 years. In 2017 I lost all the money I made up to 2017. In 2020, because we didn’t leave the energy business and pushed on to recover, we managed to get back on our feet and earn almost 10 million euros in 6 months “, declared the young millionaire.

Călin Donca is married and has 5 children

Călin and Orianda Donca

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Călin did not achieve all these things by himself. He lives a beautiful love story with Orianda, his beautiful wife, who gave him 5 children and who has been by his side since he was a simple young man with great aspirations.

I met my wife at a personal development seminar. He gave money to come and become more. She is beautiful, she was beautiful when I met her. She slept with me in the car too, not just in expensive hotels “, Calin said.

The two spouses have 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys, and they take care of their upbringing and education by themselves, in the homeschooling system.

School will never teach him the three most important things: financial wealth, health wealth, and interpersonal wealth “, Calin Donca said.

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