Who is the mysterious Vietnamese entrepreneur of only 38 years who obtained a giant assignment contract with the Romanian state and what business does she have in our country

One of the largest land concession contracts in the patrimony of the State Domains Agency from 2022 was concluded with the Dropia Domains company, owned by Huynh Doan Mai Anh (99%), a Vietnamese citizen, and Daniela Luca (1%), born in Chisinau. Who is the 38-year-old Vietnamese entrepreneur active on the Romanian wine market, estimated at 400 million euros?

Gigi Becali, the boss of FCSB (the team formerly known as Steaua) and Huynh Doan Mai Anh, a Vietnamese citizen, concluded the largest concession contracts with the State Domains Agency (ADS) in 2022, according to a recent analysis by Ziarul Financiar based on data offered by the institution’s representatives.

Becali took a concession of 850 hectares of land in Tulcea county and offered a royalty of 2,433 kilograms of wheat, and the second largest concession contract of ADS last year was concluded with Domeniile Dropia, which took concession of 265 hectares of land in Brăila county with a royalty of 1,069 kilograms of wheat per hectare for arable and living land, ADS data show. Behind the Domeniile Dropia company are Huynh Doan Mai Anh (99%), a Vietnamese citizen, and Daniela Luca (1%), born in Chisinau, and the company’s administrator is Geanina Baicu

(28 years old), from the town of Insuraţei, Brăila county, according to data from Confidas.ro, a platform for financial analysis of companies.

Who is the enigmatic Vietnamese entrepreneur who owns the business?

“She is the wife of one of the Neacsu brothers, who had Senatorwines,” say ZF sources from the wine production market. Senatorwines, founded in 1991, where Lucian Neacșu (61 years old) was an administrator and Georgică Neacșu (59 years old) was managing director, brothers who were also shareholders in the business, entered bankruptcy in mid-2022, according to data from a file from the Courts Portal. In 2015, the entrepreneur Georgică Neacșu told in an interview for Business Magazin how he, together with his brother, Lucian Neacșu, bet on viticulture.

At that time, they collaborated with four Chinese distributors and signed contracts with eight more, thus China absorbed more than two thirds of the company’s exports, which meant 45% of the sales volume. About eight years ago, the Neacșu brothers declared that they had a wine cellar and over 530 hectares of vines, in different vineyards, one located in Insuraţei, in Brăila county (246 hectares), which produces organic wines, and another in Tirol, in Caraş-Severin county (285 hectares). Later, they reached 850 hectares with vines, located in the counties of Vrancea, Vaslui, Brăila and Caraş-Severin, according to the company’s website.

Currently, the Domeniile Dropia company, majority owned by Huynh Doan Mai Anh, has a temporary work point in Lacu Rezii locality in Brăila county (Senator Farm) and a permanent work point in the same locality, but at Viticola Farm, the Confidas platform data shows. ro.

The rise and fall of Bacchus’ liquor empire

After they managed to make hundreds of millions of lei from wine sales and export to over 20 countries around the world, the biggest markets being China, Japan, Hong Kong, the Neacșu brothers, who built the Senator group, did not still enjoying success, public data show. Georgică Neacșu is no longer active in the business environment at all, because all four companies in which he was active as a shareholder or administrator were delisted, according to Confidas.ro data. He was the founder and shareholder of Exportvin (20%) together with Lucian Neacşu (20%) and two other Romanians, shareholder of Nacirobăd (former Senator), with 50% of the company’s shares, together with Lucian Neacşu, minority shareholder of Dent Art Expert, with CAEN code “Dental assistance activities”, together with Lenuţa Neacșu, and administrator of the company Extensum Rei, which offered business and management consultancy.

Lucian Neacşu is now the special administrator of the company Cramele Odobeşti, owned by Maria Neacşu (79 years old) and Ciprian Neacşu (35 years old), which is currently undergoing legal reorganization, according to data from the Confidas.ro platform. The young Ciprian Neacşu also has a PFA type company through which he provides consulting services in information technology. Also, Maria and Ciprian Neacșu are also shareholders in the company Senator Prodimpex, with CAEN code “Cultivarea strugurilor”, which is under the scope of Law no. 85/2014, i.e. it is insolvent. “Odobeşti wineries have their own vineyards, but also collaborations with grape producers, having a winemaking capacity of 100-200 tons/day. The companies within the group have started exporting to more than 20 countries”, the company’s website states.

One of the companies in the group was Senatorwines, which went bankrupt, and another was Exportvin, which was delisted. The group’s exports were in more than 20 countries around the world, the biggest markets being China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, Canada, Australia, Mexico and the USA. Among the brands in the group’s portfolio are Branduri Occultus, Grui, Secolul 13 Grand Reserve, Glia, Suav, Nora, Monşer, Omnia, Casa Neacșu and Hereditas.

What is the story of the Domeniile Dropia company?

Domeniile Dropia is a family business, and the winery and vineyard are located near the town of Insuraţei, near the Danube Delta and the Black Sea, according to the company’s website. It grows grapes from the varieties Fetească Neagră, Cabernet Sauvignon, Babescă Neagră, Tămăioasă Românească and Chardonnay and produces wines under the brands Beauty on the wing, Danubia 2850 and Golden Sands. The company Domeniile Dropia was established in 2010 and had in 2021, the last year for which data is available, a turnover of 2.67 million lei, down 20% compared to the previous year, and a profit of 116,000 lei , half compared to the previous year, according to data from the Ministry of Finance.

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