“I was sending him nude pictures, I always told him *** me”

“I was sending him nude pictures, I always told him *** me”
“I was sending him nude pictures, I always told him *** me”

Ludovic Orban’s mistress told everything in the press. She used to send nude pictures to the former prime minister. Also, Orban’s sexy adviser, Cristina Tudoran, hinted that she had intimate relations at the Victoria Palace with the current president from Forța Dreptei.

The brunette told that she worked at TAROM, propelled because she was Ludovic Orban’s mistress.

“In three years there were so many moments that I can’t even include them all.

First of all, I returned to the PNL under the false impression that something would change. I was told that I have to make Facebook and write. I registered at the Ilfov branch in November 2019. I was working at Tarom, (post obtained in January 2018 and maintained with great difficulty because I didn’t know anyone there), I was happy and calm, happy that PNL won. I had to meet Orban to destroy myself. I had a boyfriend. AIRBUS commander pilot at Tarom, son of one of Ceausescu’s pilots, Gheorghe Gavril, whom Ludovic, when he was Minister of Transport, took care to remove from the Aeronautical Authority. He didn’t even think then, that today, the apple of discord between him and another mistress, that is me, you will see the very son of that man, who is 53 years old. And the war is a hard one.

The relationship with the pilot was a difficult one anyway, and when on February 14, 2020 I received the post of president of TNL in Corbeanca as a gift from Orban, my boyfriend left me thinking that I had a relationship either with Orban or with some politician, which was not true at all that day. But Ludovic, I think, through others, sought to bring me close to him. Slowly but surely. That he knows how to manipulate. Lying and manipulation, although I don’t care, I appreciate them. Let me come back.

Ludovic followed me on Facebook. In two months we had an extraordinary advance, a huge impact. Overnight, I became one of the most followed PNL communicators. On December 21 and 22, 2019, there were some events, some in the street, others at the Athenaeum, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Rev. Romana. I was and am close to Doru Maries, to the revolutionaries, to everything that the street meant on August 10, 2018, and I resisted. At these events, Ludovic kept looking at me, he couldn’t take his eyes off. It really bothers me. It seemed senseless to me.

On Dec 22, 2019, during the show, conferences, interviews at the Ateneo, he was obsessively and persistently looking at me. Then, at the end, on the stairs, he was surrounded by a crowd, and when I came out and noticed me, he pushed everyone aside and came to me. He took my hand and kissed me like he does with everyone, but he looked at me defiantly. It wasn’t his usual kiss or handshake. And he was holding my hand tightly. I was disturbed by the approach. I don’t fall back so easily, especially to show those around you how macho, how strong you are.

He asked me three times at the end of the conversation what my name was, without letting go of my hand, which he was squeezing tightly, and he told me that he was waiting for me at his place….December 22, 2019. He knew my name anyway. He was still on the stairs of the Athenaeum and he was looking at me intently while smoking a cigarette, there were only three people left, and I was talking. I didn’t go to him. January also passed, I hadn’t gone, the relationship with my boyfriend was getting more and more tense because of the politics he didn’t agree with”the brunette told, according to Puterea.ro.

The woman claims that Ludovic Orban had an aggressive approach.

“I could not give up politics. In addition to the envy that appeared in the party after the world saw that I was perched on a pedestal, newly returned, without doing absolutely anything, I also endured the ironies of my colleagues and those who did not swallow Orban from Tarom and the unraveling of a story of love, with a pilot I fell in love with at work. But I still didn’t even know who Orban really was. On February 23, I arrived at Militari Residence and was seated in the first row by George and those from Chiajna.

I felt embarrassed, I didn’t deserve that place. Ludovic appears from behind. He immediately awakened a different interest in me, thanks to the same burning kind of insistent gaze, which wants to tell me something. Throughout the event, when the others were talking, he kept looking at me. When he got on stage, he stopped during the speech and gave me a long smile. Some looked at me. Then he resumed. I was not willing to give in. I’m used to men hanging around me, and I’m tired of them anyway. We walked to inaugurate the headquarters. He was watching me all the time. When I entered the office, he went to the bathroom, then he came out and came directly to me, I was sitting with the phone in my hand, telling the others that he had a more special request for a picture and the rest to wait. Even then I didn’t say anything to him, again I was bothered by his approach to everyone. But he was holding me by the hip from the mother of the fire, because I couldn’t breathe anymore”the brunette also told.

The relationship between Orban and his adviser had become extremely intimate. Thus, the woman did not shy away from offending the former PNL president.

“(…) I called him immediately and he reacted. We played a little more, again. Those who knew told me when they saw the piece on him: “he’s still in love with you”. We both knew the message, we knew what he wanted to convey to me. My mother caught fire when she saw me coming back. I think he threatened him. He withdrew a little. Everything had become threatening for me as well. Disinheritance if you continue with Orban. In July, I couldn’t help myself and sent naked pictures of myself to Ludovic. Anyway, before, it was something common. I always sent him nude pictures of me. They pleased him.

(…) I am not interested in his past. After I was in the commission at Tarom, I was clearly told that in March, my employment contract, because of this, will not be extended. I was desperate. I had a big problem in my family. I asked him to do something. Finally, one evening, late at Modrogan, he called Bode, me being the girl, after he had also read that letter written by that person and the report and asked him to help me. Bode, shame on him, after I helped him take measures in Tarom and reduce unnecessary expenses, he wasted himself. He wasn’t even interested. It was the period of negotiations. Ludovic was nervous. And I. One evening I got drunk and wrote to him that I was worried about him, that he should have sent me hundreds of roses and not 7, etc. etc.. because he cares about negotiations, not about other people’s problems. I apologized and told him that I had mixed drinks and that I love him. Normally, a drunkard can understand the behavior of another drunkard with spritz mixes and on the background of bitterness. Let’s be realistic. I admit anything, I have the strength to admit it, not to run away from a truth. (…)

When he was at Casa Romaneasca in the first week of December, I called there and sent papanasi. I told him I was coming to Sibiu. He was so afraid to tell me that his wife would be there as well, so that I wouldn’t say something, that I might not say political things out of revenge, that I wouldn’t make a show. It was justified that he had two bedrooms in the apartment and slept separately, as if I had asked him to account. In Bucharest, I told him some things through messages. I offered to take him by car when I have time, I or I send someone, because it is not normal and okay for him to go alone and by subway. This infuriated him. And in the week before CHRISTMAS, he behaved AWESOME. I assumed the whole ORBAN situation. And so, it’s not nice that he always waits for me with his feet on the table, because we’re not in the living room. Or to talk to the walls until the shitty game ends.

I trampled on my family, boyfriend, jobs, friends, principles of life, morality, interests, dignity and honor. Because of his jealousy, he hates the people close to him because he lost his authority, I am not obliged to accept his insults. Let him assume!

People have come to tell me about his past, from the fact that he revealed to someone that he was drinking because of his wife, or that his wife cheated on him with a friend (this was many years ago), or that a man died because of him from Stolojan’s cabal, and that he left him in agony, or that in 2007 he had sex with two female journalists, being drunk, and he is being blackmailed with that video and with more and more stories… about the bars, or when to go to bed with young women at parties one night at a time, or groping them in the bathrooms at clubs”the alleged mistress also sent.

Romania TV contacted Ludovic Orban for a reaction, but the former prime minister did not respond. An adviser to the politician stated that the president of Forța Dreptei would not comment.

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