United with whom? Only anger remained

United with whom? Only anger remained
United with whom? Only anger remained

Today’s politicians have the opportunity to make snoring speeches on January 24 or December 1 because, in other eras, a few enlightened leaders had a vision and a country project, which they managed to achieve by cleverly exploiting favorable international circumstances. They were genuine patriots, with solid education in the broadest sense and respect for their country and their mission.

Those who give today’s snoring speeches represent the most inept political class in the history of Romania (maybe except communism). And when I say that, I’m referring to 99.9% of Romanian politicians, from power and from the opposition, including the president.

None of them have any vision, no real project for Romania, only fancies and vanities. Even when the circumstances are on their plate, they are not able to achieve an important goal like Schengen. Even Bulgaria will join the euro before us, and I wouldn’t rule it out at all as in Schengen.

Most of them have a poor education, even compared to the high school level, with baccalaureate degrees taken late and licenses obtained through who knows what “academic” bombs. I’m not even talking about doctorates anymore.

Without substance and content, they are only hollow and hollow forms, appearances that crumble on impact with reality, especially when it is pressing as now, in the crisis. And the effect is that each normative act needs seven more to correct the correction. That all the opportunities pass us by like the express through a stop, while the illiterate platform manager sleeps.

There have always been such caricature figures, Caragiale did not invent anything. But never in the political class, Power and Opposition, were they only so inept.

There is nothing to be expected from them and people feel it. Not that they don’t want to deliver. Of course they would want to be intelligent and skilled to be enthusiastically voted for. But I can not. Because he doesn’t care. Because they don’t have high and good schools, because they didn’t rise politically through evidence of worthiness, but through spin, demagoguery, betrayal and shameless lies.

And because they no longer have positive expectation, people are left with nothing but anger and frustration. It’s easy to blame AUR and George Simion, also part of the political class just as she is, for the booing and whistling in Iași. If that was all, I have no doubt that another part of the audience would have applauded the leaders on stage. But no supporters were heard.

It is reassuring to say that Simion and AUR have no potential to exceed a certain electoral level. There is no guarantee that others, more charismatic, more intelligent, more frequented, will not appear in the huge corridor of generalized frustration.

Like we don’t even know what the real score of AUR is. We rely on what the polls show us, such a huge score for a party without ideology, without a project, anti-European, sovereignist and with primitive manifestations. It is precisely because of this that I am convinced that many are ashamed to say that their anger and disappointment resonates with the AUR message.

And when I say this I am basing it on private conversations and the horror of how many otherwise highly reasonable people resonate with AUR-type messages pushed into constant fire on social media and whatsapp. Combinations of blatant lies burdened by palpable truths, they respond to the feeling of abandonment and lack of political horizon of most Romanians.

At the vote, behind the secrecy of the vote, we will count, just like in 2020, the effect of this mostly silent accumulated frustration.

Faced with the public backlash, politicians are disappointed that it appeared on Union Day, when we should remember that unity is the way to success.

United with whom? With Dr. Bode the plagiarist, with Virgil Popescu – the definition of incompetence, with Adrian Câciu who believes that 90% of entrepreneurs are baboons, with Gabriela Firea, who cuts public money in her own image campaigns?

With Klaus Iohannis? The president didn’t even have the common sense to interact with the stupidity that voted for him. From the ivory tower of a failed monarch, in an environment completely sterilized by the SPP, Mr. Iohannis gave us the fantasy that he is a nation-educating Cuza. He, who is about to turn a law of education strictly to the advantage of the meditation industry, which according to his own statements has enriched him, an inequitable law which destroys the good and perpetuates the bad.

Will the people be united with them? Only a minority still willing to be lied to and self-deluded can remain united with them. The rest accumulates frustration and anger that you never know who will reap.

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