“She spends her life waiting for him.” Ema Uta, acid words to Alex Bodi’s ex-wife

“She spends her life waiting for him.” Ema Uta, acid words to Alex Bodi’s ex-wife
“She spends her life waiting for him.” Ema Uta, acid words to Alex Bodi’s ex-wife

Iulia Sălăgean, the ex-wife of Alex Bodi, is in a scandal with Ema Uta, his current one. Here are the revelations Ema Uta made about the whole situation!

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Iuliana Sălăgean and Ema Uta are involved in a monster scandal. The famous make-up artist revealed that Alex Bodi found a way to temporarily reconcile with his ex-wife because he wanted to make her jealous, but he instantly regretted the mistake he made.

Ema Uta, acid words to Alex Bodi’s ex-wife

Iulia Sălăgean admitted, for her part, that the businessman wanted to go back, and currently Ema Uta continues the war of declarations. At the same time, she also specified that her partner’s ex-wife goes to his house, in Mediaș, when Ema Uta is absent, and at the gym she mentioned that her subscriptions are paid in full by Bodi.

“4 months ago, when she says (I didn’t count, honestly) that Alex and I had a fight, Alex would have proposed to her to try to reconcile because he knew that she was the only one available “quickly” with whom I can make you “jealous”. But it is also worth mentioning that Alex, after 5 days, told her that he could not continue with her, that it was a mistake, that he realized that he loved me and would ask for my forgiveness.

Everyone already knows that she spends her life waiting for him, and what she says, that she would have a relationship, that she doesn’t want him anymore, is a way not to look stupid in front of people who criticize her for not rebuilding her life and don’t go over. This woman has certain reactions that raise questions about her mental state. She once wrote to me on Whatsapp to tell her “husband” to answer her. That’s how he titled it under the conditions in which they have been divorced for many years. He says he’s in a relationship, but when he goes to the gym, he goes up to Alex in the house without any shame in my absence. She says she’s in a relationship, and the next day she lets her ex-husband, whom she no longer wants, spank her ass in the mall.”said Ema Uta, exclusively for Cancan.ro.

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Ema Uta, acid words to Alex Bodi’s ex-wife

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Iulia Sălăgean, rumors about the intimate videos sent

Ema Uta confessed that the ex-wife of the businessman used to send sexy videos and pictures to Alex Bodi from time to time, although he was in a relationship with the make-up artist with whom he is still having a love story.

“From what I understand, he stated that if he spoke, he would cause World War III or something. Let someone remind him that he takes credit at the gym and says “pay the boss”, meaning Alex. She was extremely good friends with the organizer of my classes, with whom she later quarreled. The organizer, being with me in the Bahamas, scolded her for not telling her that Alex was with the two of us in the Bahamas. Well, if she no longer has any relationship with him, other than a “parental” one, why does it still bother her that Alex came to the Bahamas?! Her iCloud account was previously connected to the organizer’s phone when they were friends. And it would seem that she was “provoking” and inciting Alex since then with sexy videos and pictures, although he was in a relationship with someone else.
A serious mother who cares about the upbringing of her child, who no longer has anything to do with her ex-husband, posts on Tik Tok the message “maybe I’m intimate with my ex, maybe I’ll be with yours”? Well, didn’t she claim that she was only interested in the girl’s education? Is that education?”Ema Uta also said.

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Ema Uta, acid words to Alex Bodi’s ex-wife

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