Who is Vica Blochina? Biography: age, career, family. The star had a relationship with a famous man

Who is Vica Blochina? Biography: age, career, family. The star had a relationship with a famous man
Who is Vica Blochina? Biography: age, career, family. The star had a relationship with a famous man

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Vica Blochina is one of the most famous women of Romanian showbiz, thanks to the businesses she has, but also because of the scandals she has been involved in over time. The star will soon appear in a popular show on the small screen, where viewers will be able to follow her on her new personal journey.

This is who she is.

Biography Vica Blochina

Vica Blochina was born on August 8, 1975, in Lithuania. Few people know that she is not originally from Romania, as she spent most of her life here and formed her current career here.

She settled in Romania from a young age and established herself as a dancer in a club in Bucharest. Back then, he was part of a ballet troupe in his native country. During that time, he also met the famous Victor Pițurcă, with whom he secretly loved and with whom he has a son.


Who is Vica Blochina?

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About her childhood, the blonde previously stated that she grew up in a loving family and lived in a three-room apartment with her mother, father and eight-year-old younger brother.

Vica Blochina told that she did not have the best relationship with her father, as he was an aurorist parent: “I can’t say I grew up in a poor family, you know? I come from Lithuania, a small country with 3 million 800 inhabitants. I grew up in a normal family, with a lot of love, but also with a very strict father, who scolded and beat me. I was a warrior as a child”.

How old is the boy of the star

Vica Blochina turns men’s eyes even at this age, as she shows elegance and beauty. One of the most controversial relationships the blonde had was with Victor Pițurcă, being his mistress for 16 years.

Their love story gave birth to Edan, a 15-year-old boy, the light of the blonde’s eyes. After learning that Vica was pregnant, Pițurcă decided to break up with the star.

After learning about the relationship of the two, a whole showbiz scandal took off. Also then, the woman decided that she had to fight in court to prove that Victor Pițurcă is Edan’s father. Vica stated that she wanted the boy to have a father.

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“I fell in love. He was the only man I ever loved, I think. Maybe it was that time to be in love, at 18. I simply fell in love. I couldn’t see anyone but him. I don’t know how… I think at that moment the feelings were from both directions, because otherwise the relationship wouldn’t have lasted 16 years and we wouldn’t have had a child that he didn’t want anyway. Knowing that I was never going to be his wife or that we were going to have a relationship, I didn’t think it was going to last this long.”declared Vica Blochina in the past.

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