Meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers in Bucharest. Solutions to the effects of the war in Ukraine, on the agenda

The Minister of Foreign Affairs announced the hosting, in Bucharest, of the meeting of NATO foreign ministers, emphasizing the importance of the event from a symbolic as well as a strategic point of view.

Minister Bogdan Aurescu announced in a video message that he will host in Bucharest, on November 29-30, the meeting of the foreign ministers of the NATO countries, explaining that the NATO meeting will be the first high-level allied meeting hosted by Romania after the NATO Summit since 2008, but also the first event of the Alliance, which takes place in a member state on the eastern flank after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

It is an extremely important meeting that will demonstrate Allied unity and solidarity and seek solutions to counter the effects of Russia’s brutal war of aggression against Ukraine.”Bogdan Aurescu sent in the video message published on the Facebook page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Also, the head of Romanian diplomacy explained that the meeting to be held in Bucharest “confirms Romania’s role and profile in the North Atlantic Alliance and, at the same time, indicates the strategic importance of the Black Sea for Euro-Atlantic security, and therefore also for Romania”.

The Romanian minister also explained, at the same time, that the meeting takes place in a symbolic moment, two decades after Romania was invited to join NATO.

Bucharest, diplomatic capital for three days

The Romanian Foreign Minister mentioned that Bucharest will also host, on November 28 and 29, the Munich Leaders’ Meeting, which shows “the importance and key role of Romania, at the intersection of two areas of strategic importance for European, Euro-Atlantic and global security: the Black Sea and the Western Balkans”.

“For three days, between November 28 and 30, Romania will be the diplomatic, European, Euro-Atlantic capital and beyond”Bogdan Aurescu also emphasized in the message sent.

Also, according to Reuters, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock announced that Group of Seven (G7) foreign ministers will discuss how to further support Ukraine in securing energy supplies at a meeting this week next in Bucharest.

NATO tested Romania’s anti-aircraft and anti-missile defenses

NATO conducted a military exercise on Wednesday to test Romania’s air and missile defenses, about a week after a stray missile crashed in Poland and exposed some gaps in the Alliance’s air shield.

“In response to Russia’s war against Ukraine, we continue to strengthen our deterrence capability and defense systems on the Alliance’s eastern flank”said the spokeswoman of NATO, Oana Lungescu.

Looking at the border war, the head of Romanian diplomacy stated that, in his opinion, neither Russia really wants to reach peace, nor will Ukraine until it frees its territories.

“Pafter all, this war in Ukraine is not just a war against Ukraine, it is a war against the European security architecture“, claimed Bogdan Aurescu, explaining that “Russia wants to change the parameters of the European security architecture, as they are today, in its favor, obviously, and it is an attack against the democratic values ​​of our community, of which Romania is also a part”.

The article is in Romanian

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