Who is Catinca Nistor from ICR London? He stole from Bulandra! (VIDEO)

Who is Catinca Nistor from ICR London? He stole from Bulandra! (VIDEO)
Who is Catinca Nistor from ICR London? He stole from Bulandra! (VIDEO)

Catinca Nistor – director of the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) London, has been in everyone’s attention lately. Thought-provoking “facts” have been discovered regarding her. It is also indicated that he appropriated the money of Bulandra Theater Bucharest. In other words, he stole from Bulandra!

Hello everyone, my name is Catinca Maria Nistor, a graduate of the Faculty of Law, a graduate of the London School of Economics, a graduate of the National University of Theater and Cinematography, a graduate of the cultural manager course organized by the Ministry of Culture”, said Catinca Maria Nistor (34 years old), an actress by profession, during the hearing in the Parliament, after which she was appointed head of the ICR.

Catinca Nistor is the one who recently found out that the Romanian state pays her a rent of 6,500 pounds per month. This is because she did not want to stay in a free apartment, like her predecessors. Who is Catinca Nistor? She is the daughter of the former head of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. She was proposed to the position by Liviu Jicman, president of the Romanian Cultural Institute.

Who is Catinca Nistor from ICR London? He got into office without a contest

Catinca Nistor took office without a contest, being appointed by the Parliament at the end of a hearing in the Commission in which she did not want to say what her plans are if she receives this position. In addition, he lied to the members of the Commission that he graduated from the London School of Economics, although he allegedly only attended three courses at the Summer School of this prestigious educational institution. At the time, USR publicly protested the appointment and posted the recording of the hearings on the Internet.

Previously, Catinca Nistor was the director of the Bulandra Theatre, set up by Gabriela Firea, when she was mayor general of the capital. She was caught for misappropriating money, being sentenced in the first instance to return almost 7,000 euros, according to ziarististi.com. The young woman ran the theater so badly that it did not last long and the actors organized a public protest.

Whose daughter is Catinca Nistor

According to Culturaladuba.ro, Catinca Nistor is the daughter of the actor Stelian Nistor, the former leader of the Scottish Rite Masonic Lodge, which has its headquarters right in London. Stelian Nistor also held the presidency of the World Conference of the Scottish Rite through the Sovereign Grand Commander, in the 33rd and Last degree.

After the journalists from Libertatea revealed that the Romanian state pays 6,500 lira per month rent for Nistor, because she did not want to stay in the free apartment, Bogdan Aurescu, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, ordered the termination of the rental contract “in the next period”, and Nistor to move into the free housing. He also ordered the verification of the status of all similar contracts.

Catinca Nistor epic: “I have some ideas, but I don’t want to talk”!

Several Romanians in Great Britain initiated, in April 2022, a petition in which they protested the appointment of Catinca Nistor to ICR London, requesting “her withdrawal from the position and the organization of a new appointment procedure”.

On a different note, but on the same topic, when “applied” for the appointment at the head of ICR London, Catinca Nistor did not mention the objectives she proposes as director of ICR London. He just said something epic: “I have some ideas, but I don’t want to talk”!

He got the position, USR protested and put the hearing recording on the Internet.

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