Dynamic Island is also successful on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra!

Dynamic Island is also successful on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra!
Dynamic Island is also successful on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra!

God, how can I like the internet. As some interesting craze appears, as does a veric porting it to various other devices. The latest community target is the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14. It hasn’t even been released, but Apple’s new phone is already popular thanks to this special feature that resulted from replacing the bezel with a punch-hole camera. And at the sight of this madness, fans of other brands wanted the functionality it offers, so they adapted the contraption to other phones as well.

I saw the first project of this kind on September 11, 2022, that is, only three days and a half after the official announcement from Apple. But it didn’t take long for another theme creator, this time from the Samsung fan community, to launch such a feature. It looks like this piece is more interesting than the one from a few days ago, including more notifications and actions.

Dynamic Island on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra can display battery information, call recording icon plus timer, multimedia controls, Bluetooth or device connections like S Pen, WeChat and Alipay notifications (although these do not interest anyone in Romania) and many other matters. Basically, almost anything that appears in your notification screen can find a place here. The creator of this mod has promised to add support for even more apps in the future.

I love what I see. I mean, with how heated it is between Android fans and… and the rest of the world in general, it’s pretty damn funny to see how “steal innovations” from Apple. That is, exactly the company they accuse of taking inspiration from Android when making changes to their own operating system. Oh, oh, how can you not love the duality of some?!

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