Google Wallet will disable support for phone payments if you’re using these versions of Android


As part of the usual effort to “encourage” users hesitant to buy a new Android smartphone, Google is announcing the withdrawal of Google Wallet support for any device less than 5 years old.

Soon you won’t be able to use your Android phone for contactless payments using the credit card enrolled in the Google Wallet app unless it’s running at least Android 9 (codename Pie). Also, if you’re used to using your smartwatch for contactless payments, know that it must be running at least Wear OS version 2.x, or later.

Contactless payments initiated with the Google Wallet service will stop working on non-compliant devices starting June 10, 2024.

To keep Wallet features, such as tap-to-pay transactions, as secure as possible, we need to be able to send security updates to your device. Security updates are not available for Android versions below 9“, the company explained on the blog page.

Until now, the minimum requirement to access Google Wallet services was the presence of the Android 7.0 Nougat version from 2016, moving this threshold to target devices launched from 2018 onwards affecting a considerable number of users. The reason would be that since around 2018, the refresh rate of Android devices has decreased considerably, with users choosing to keep their current phone longer.

However, the minimum requirements for Google Wallet support are still at a reasonable level, covering quite old devices such as those in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 family, or the HUAWEI P10 series from 2017. Also, any phone released with earlier versions is covered of Android, if in the meantime it has been updated at least to the Android 9 Pie version.

This isn’t the only recent tweak to Google’s payments service. Forced by the requirements of the European authorities, Google Wallet now requires you to unlock your phone for any kind of contactless payments, disappearing the option for payments without authentication in the case of transactions of small amounts.

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