Survivor: The Famous and the Warriors in FIGHT, The Images That Put the Fans on Fire

Survivor, the most popular reality show in Romania at the moment, is in the center of attention now with new images that show us the fight between the Famous and the Warriors in the challenges that PRO TV has prepared for them on the not so simple routes , which gave a lot of headaches to many participants.

Survivor will have a new game this evening, after which we will find out if the Famous, or the Warriors, will win immunity, but who are the 3 people who will be proposed for elimination, so we will see another favorite going home, so get ready – you will vote to show your support with those you love.

This week at Survivor Romania will be full of action, and this is because the Famous and the Warriors will go through many extremely interesting challenges, and after them we will see tribal councils, but also people who will be eliminated, all being part of the game brought to us by PRO TV.

Survivor Romania continues today and tomorrow with episodes from 20:30, but until next week we will have a new break, and this is because PRO TV has not yet announced any special episode for this weekend, and it is possible that even let’s not see it, but everything depends on the audiences in the following days.

Today they are playing for IMMUNITY! And today, we find out who are the 3 contestants proposed for elimination! Will they be from the tribe of the Famous or from the tribe of the Warriors? The famous and the Warriors, ready for a new week at Survivor Romania! It’s Game Time for Supplies! Don’t miss, from 20:30, on PRO TV and on VOYO, a new edition of the hottest season in the history of SURVIVOR ROMANIA!

The article is in Romanian

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