Alexandru Vagner died

Alexandru Vagner died
Alexandru Vagner died

Former footballer Alexandru Vagner died on Friday morning, September 30, 2022, at only 33 years old.

Vagner was hospitalized in a serious condition at the County Hospital in Brașov after ten days ago, on September 20, he suffered a heart attack during a training session with the Inter Cristian team, from Brasov 4th League. .

“They called me this morning from the hospital that Alex died! I can not believe!”said Mihaela, Alex Vagner’s sister.

Alexandru Vagner passed away

The ex-footballer accused in recent months of a state of increased fatigue due to sleepless nights playing online poker and using energy drinks.

At the training of the Inter Cristian team on Tuesday, September 20, Vagner only participated in a simple 5 against 2 exercise, after which he withdrew from the field. On the way to the locker room he collapsed!

A paramedic from SMURD, who lives right next to the stadium, immediately arrived at the scene, after which the Ambulance arrived at the arena. After almost an hour of repeated maneuvers, Vagner was stabilized and rushed to the hospital. Since then his condition was critical.

Wagner had left football for poker

In 2018, Alexandru Vagner gave up his career as a professional footballer and dedicated himself to poker.

Wagner he had over 100 matches in League 1, played at Gloria Bistriţa, FCM Târgu Mureş, FC Braşov and Concordia Chiajna.

The last team Vagner played for was SR Brașov, with which he was promoted to League 3. “I didn’t see any future in football”explains, in 2018, Vagner, for Monitorul Expres, the decision to give up his football career.

“What should I do, live from day to day? I had come to have only money to eat! Then, the Concordia Chiajna and FC Braşov episodes made me quit. I was tricked, humiliated, I ended up not sleeping at night due to stress! In 2017, I was under contract with Concordia Chiajna, and Cornel Ţalnar insisted on calling me to come to FC Braşov, in League 2. I agreed to go to Braşov, after I had signed a one-year contract extension with Concordia. It’s just that the president of Ilfov, Cristi Tănase, didn’t register the contract anymore! I took a spike with my salary for a year. The Brasov episode put a lid on me. I gave up the contract and lost everything”is the hard x-ray of Romanian football made by Alexandru Vagner.

The former footballer said that poker makes him happy and that he does not regret his decision to give up football. “The advantage in poker is that you don’t have a boss, you make your schedule as you want, if I want to take a vacation, I don’t have to apply. I can say that I am happy, because now I can do things that I was not allowed to do when I was playing football. I do not regret the decision taken to give up football. Not at all. It was a beautiful time, but that’s it, I’ve started a new stage in my life”Wagner also said.

In his career, Alexandru Ion Vagner played for Gloria Bistrița, FC Baia Mare, Forex Brașov, FCM Târgu Mureș, FC Brașov, Concordia Chiajna, Petrolul Ploiesti and SR Brașov.

God rest him in peace!

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