Shocking revelations about Amalia Puflea’s ordeal

Shocking revelations about Amalia Puflea’s ordeal
Shocking revelations about Amalia Puflea’s ordeal

Amalia Puflea, a 15-year-old gymnast from Bârlad, threatened suicide in the training camp in Deva, being terrorized by the behavior of coaches Lucian Sandu and Gina Gogean.

The disclosure was made by the mother of the child, Elena Onel, who could not resist the pressure and left for Deva on Thursday evening to retrieve her and bring her home.

The young athlete does not want to give up her sports career following the abuses she suffered, she wants to continue in gymnastics and transfer to CS Dinamo.

Shocking revelations about the ordeal of a gymnast from the national team from Deva: “The coaches speak badly to them! My daughter texted me that she was jumping out the window!”

The child’s mother accuses FR of Gymnasticsled by Carmencita Constantin, that she knowingly covers all the terror from Deva and does not allow her to go elsewhere.

ProSport requests the emergency intervention of the Ministry of Sports to elucidate what is happening at Deva and to carry out additional investigations.

Elena Onel talked with Pro sportsthroughout the phone conversation crying and struggling for words.

“We’re going to get it, we’re from Bîrlad and we’re going to Deva. The problems started when the coaches started treating most of them very badly, I don’t know if the other parents have the courage to speak up.

It is certain that I have reached the limit… Such a thing is not possible! My child informed me today, through a text message, that if I don’t come to get her, she will throw herself out of the window (crying)… They started talking badly to her, it got to beatings…

I talked to my girl and she said that she no longer feels comfortable there and I asked for a transfer to Dinamo. It presses it from every point of view.

I asked the federation management to take action against you, the coaches. I also requested the transfer of my child. I told them everything that happened, the president talked to my child and they told her everything that happened at Deva.

what does mom say “They forced her to compete with bloody feet”

Mrs. Carmencita Constantin did not take any action, on the contrary, the people from Dinamo did, who called me to take my child there.

I’m not even talking about food anymore, but that doesn’t even matter now. But it went too far, it led to beatings, insults, offending families and threats.

To tell the child that he is a naughty monkey, that he puts the potatoes in the field with his bottom. Expressions like the death of the aunt, forced her to compete with her legs full of blood, spurting her blood…

And Mr. Lucian called me to tell me that thanks to them he got the respective medals”, said Elena Onel for Pro sports.

The girl’s mother claims that there are several cases of Amalia Puflea in Deva

Everyone knows about Shakira, what state she’s in. You know what Mr. Lucian told me: As long as the child makes money, it’s very good! Well if this child ends up being crippled…. They only think about money… I don’t want my daughter to end up like Shakira! The kid wants out of there, you can’t keep him tied up!

For them, everything boils down to money, that’s how the coaches think… I told them: good people, do you also think about the children’s health? Perform, not perform, are we just talking about money?

I don’t know how you would react if you received a message from the child that he wants to throw himself out the window. We are very far away… It’s terrible! I have to go, otherwise someone will come and lay crowns there…

She doesn’t want to give up, but she can’t at this rate. She loves gymnastics! He told me he wanted sports. Otherwise he would have told me he was coming home!”, says the mother.

There is a clan at FR Gymnastics, says Elena Onel, Amalia Puflea’s mother

Elena Onel believes that the only solution is to take the girl from Deva and take her to CS Dinamowhere the Moldovan spouses train.

The Moldovan gentlemen are different, they took the meat from their own plate and gave it to the girls. I mean, great people, great characters.

The coaches speak badly to them! My daughter texted me that she was jumping out the window!

The children are traumatized, there will probably be more calls from the parents of the girls from Deva. I tried to solve the problem, but they have a clan there.

Mr. Lucian, without my consent, made my child give a written statement why he no longer wants to do gymnastics. But the statement went nowhere. Mrs. Carmencita Constantin said she doesn’t know anything,” concluded mother Elena Onel with tears in her eyes.

What did Amalia Puflea do at the European in Munich?

Amalia Puflea was one of the protagonists at an important tournament recently, winning two medals.

In August 2022, Romania ended its participation in the European Championship in Munich with a total of 6 medals, obtained only by junior gymnasts, as follows: silver with the team and in individual-compound (Amalia Ghigoartă), gold in vaulting (Sabrina Voinea) and floor (Amalia Puflea), bronze on beam (Amalia Puflea) and floor (Sabrina Voinea).

Carmencita Constantin and Lucian Sandu, the president of FR Gymnastics and the coach of the team from Deva, have not yet answered the phone calls from Prosport.

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