the question that made him rant, before the match with FCSB

the question that made him rant, before the match with FCSB
the question that made him rant, before the match with FCSB
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The Lighthouse manager got angry when asked if FCSB’s Darius Olaru’s absence matters much.

Gică Hagi: “What interests me?”

I thought you were also asking me about the players I miss. Excuse me, we also lack players. It’s the same thing. And we are missing the best midfielder who was there last year and you don’t mention it.

Ok, if you think that Băluţă is easily replaced, Artean is easily replaced, Nedelcu who is not a starter… 3 players who were the base last year and they don’t play in the middle. Excuse me. Last year we emerged champions… and I miss players, but I don’t say anything.

What interests me who is missing (no at FCSB)? Especially when we talk about these clubs where it’s not one, it’s the other, because they have a very good team. Olaru is missing, they took Baba Alhassan, who is a Division A player, who has shown, he is a very good player. A team does not stand in one player, I think so!“, said Gica Hagi.

Alexandru Băluță replaces Darius Olaru

Gică Hagi indicated Baba Alhassan as Darius Olaru’s replacement in FCSB’s first “11”, but things would be different.

Gigi Becali has announced that Alexandru Băluță will be relegated to the midfield, where he will play alongside Adrian Șut and Mihai Lixandru, and Octavian Popescu, Luis Phelipe and Florinel Coman will appear in attack.

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