CFR Cluj “stole” another player from UTA Arad

CFR Cluj “stole” another player from UTA Arad
CFR Cluj “stole” another player from UTA Arad

CFR Cluj “stole” another player from UTA Arad

After the cases of Roger and Otele, CFR Cluj applies a new blow to the Aradians from UTA.

In the last six months of his contract with UTA Arad, defender Aly Abeid signed with CFR Cluj. The agreement with the player from Mauritania will come into force in the summer, but CFR Cluj is trying to complete the move from now on.

Abeid is our player, let’s see if we can get him right away. We have to think very carefully, apart from the fact that Mamic is a player I like, we also have to think about the situation of Mario Camora, because he has some physical problems and we have to have two players in the position of left defender” , said Adrian Mutu.

Abeid is due to return to the country on February 5, after participating with Maritania in the Africa Cup of Nations. The Arada coach, Mircea Rednic, said about Abeid that he is one of the best left defenders in the country, but he said that a solution must be found as quickly as possible.

There have been discussions through intermediaries and impresarios, a solution must be found. It is clear that these laws are made in favor of the players, the managers, not the clubs. Allows players to sign with a team six months in advance. It does not take into account that that player is still paid by the club he belongs to. Nobody cares if that player gives it his all on the field, given that he’s already signed with another team and will be leaving anyway. It’s a more delicate situation, I’ve been through it before. It’s one thing to be a striker, like Otele, for example, it’s another thing to be a defender and make decisive mistakes. Then you sit and ask yourself: should I put it in, not put it in? Is he focused on our goals?” said Rednic.

However, the Arade coach said that he is willing to continue using Abeid. “I have a strong and good relationship with Abeid, also speaking French, and I say that I will make him play as well as possible for us, if a solution is not found between the clubs”, added Mircea Rednic.

Aly Abeid is valued by Flashscore at €333,000 and arrived at UTA in the summer of 2022. In a year and a half, he played for UTA in 45 games and scored one goal.

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