“I don’t see dedication! Many don’t know where they ended up”


Article by Sergiu Alexandru – Published Saturday, 03 February 2024, 11:51 / Updated Saturday, 03 February 2024 13:39

Cosmin Bărcăuan (45 years old) analyzed the match between FCU Craiova and Dinamo, 2-1, and explained what problems he sees in the red-white formation.

Bărcăuan, who started his career as a striker, then continued as a defender, played for Dinamo between 2002 and 2004, when he came from Craiova University, and between January and July 2006, on loan.

FCU Craiova – Dinamo 2-1

Emotions for Dinamo: an important player left with problems after the match with FCU Craiova

He watched the match in Banie and talked about the problems of the red and white team.

Cosmin Bărcăuan’s conclusions, after FCU Craiova – Dinamo

“It was hard for me. With one eye I laughed, with one eye I cried. I played for both teams. The way Craiova played, they deserved to win. Dinamo could have equalized, but Craiova deserved to win.

Dinamo needs two or three valuable players to make the difference. With the budget he has, it’s hard to find players who can make a difference. Dinamo is a thin team.

If the people there will start working as a group… It’s very difficult to get up, to go through a moment like this. It’s not easy to be in last place. Many from Dinamo did not understand where they were playing. As a footballer, when you arrive as a stranger to a team and you don’t have much quality, you have to do something for that team.

I don’t really see dedication. I wasn’t technical, but I was coming up with something. I look at them now and some have clean shirts. Must be that sweaty t-shirt, must be black. Football is earned through work. There you have to give 100%. the players and say that “That’s it.” I don’t see hope anymore”, said Bărcăuan, according to digisport.ro.

PHOTO. The best images from FCU Craiova – Dinamo

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