Hagi got angry before FCSB


Article by Adrian Jitea – Published on Saturday, 03 February 2024, 17:59 / Updated on Saturday, 03 February 2024 18:05

Gică Hagi prefaced the FCSB – Farul derby, scheduled for Monday, from 20:00, in round number 24 of the Superliga.

Farul started the year 2024 with two victories against the teams from Craiova. The champion consolidated her place in the play-off, and Hagi hopes to continue the positive streak.


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Gică Hagi, before FCSB – Farul

“I had a beginning of the year with very difficult matches, two of which I passed very well. We won and showed that we are in shape, on a good path. The third match comes, with an equally strong and technical opponent. We have to give our best. We must be convinced of what we are doing, have courage.

In such matches you have to go with the mentality to score. It’s going to be a match like we’ve all been between us and them. We are aware that he is an opponent capable of scoring. The problems are the same. Sîrbu and Băluță continue the recovery, the rest of the players are with us.

We are still far from the clubs with a tradition of winning. I don’t like gifts, I know that everything in life is achieved through work. We hope to be faster in everything we do”, said Gică Hagi in a press conference.

Hagi about FCSB: “I’m interested in who is missing from them?”

Hagi got angry when he was asked about the absence of Darius Olaru from the FCSB camp. The Superliga top scorer is suspended.

We are missing the best midfielder from last year, Băluță, but no one mentions any question. Do you think that Băluță, Artean and Nedelcu are easily replaced?! They don’t play in the middle, excuse me. I wonder who is missing from them? They have a very good batch anyway. Olaru is missing, they took Baba Alhassan, very good player from Division A. A team does not stand in one player.
– Gica Hagi

VIDEO. The most important information before the FCSB – The Lighthouse

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