“Real Madrid is a proud club! I didn’t like their style of play either!” Eden Hazard said the same after retiring

“Real Madrid is a proud club! I didn’t like their style of play either!” Eden Hazard said the same after retiring
“Real Madrid is a proud club! I didn’t like their style of play either!” Eden Hazard said the same after retiring

The Belgian footballer for whom Real Madrid paid 115 million euros in July 2019 retired after a failed adventure at the Santiago Bernabeu. Eden Hazard failed to live up to expectations, being more injured during his time at Real, and when he did play, his performances were erased.

Retired from football, Eden Hazard admitted that he did not adapt to Real Madrid

In a wide-ranging interview with L’Equipe, Eden Hazard spoke openly about the difficulties encountered at Real Madrid.

“Now it’s easy to say. I’ve been a fan of Zidane since I was little. It was Zidane, so I liked Real Madrid. Santiago Bernabeu, the white shirt… it has a charm that others don’t. Real Madrid is a special club,” replied Eden Hazard when asked if he wanted to sign with Madrid.

However, the Belgian explains that he did not like what happened at the club, but accepted because he saw everything as a dream: “It’s not me. The club is a bit swaggering and I’m not like that. I didn’t like the style of play either, if you compare it to other clubs. But it was my dream. I couldn’t end my career without coming here.

This shows that Madrid is bigger than anything else. It’s complicated to play there. Maybe I should have trained more. We also had the wrong injuries at the wrong times. In the second season I was getting hit from all sides. Ancelotti has arrived. Good preparation, good game. But my body, the pain, the injuries…”

Eden Hazard has apologized to fans

At the same time, the footballer wanted to send a message to Real Madrid fans, apologizing for not being able to live up to expectations.

“I lost my place, then my confidence, then my desire. I went from being tough on those who stepped on my ankle to getting out of bed injured. I would have liked to understand why, but I couldn’t. The world is fighting every day and I have no right to complain, neither when I was playing nor when I was injured and I was saying that life sucks. I couldn’t do that. It hurt, but on the other hand…

In the end, I used that as an excuse: ‘it hurts, I can’t do it’. I wasn’t depressed, but I wasn’t in the mood. I just had no energy and no strength. Pleasure was my way, my direction. It didn’t make sense, it was over.

I felt sad for the Real fans and disappointed for them. When we arrived they were full of hope. I feel like I cheated them. I want to tell them: ‘Well, it’s not my fault, my body let me down. I tried but it didn’t work. I am sorry'”, added the former player.

Eden Hazard’s figures

The Chelsea club legend has outstanding numbers despite an early retirement. Belgian Eden Hazard has ticked off more than 600 matches in Europe’s most important championships, the Premier League, Ligue 1 and La Liga.

The footballer was awarded the title of “Footballer of the Year” in 2015 when he played for Chelsea.

In the showcase, Eden Hazard has a Champions League, a title in England, a gold medal at the World Club Championship and a European Super Cup with Real Madrid.

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