The hard blow Real Madrid could take after the Spanish federation called in a lip-reading expert


Saturday, February 03, 2024, 3:11 p.m

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The directors of the Spanish football league have decided to call in a lip-reading expert to determine whether Real Madrid’s Jude Bellingham told Getafe’s Mason Greenwood that he was a “rapist”, reports the Relevo website, quoted by rmc. brother

The experts will analyze the exact words spoken by the Madrid midfielder. If the comments are confirmed, they will forward the case to the disciplinary committee of the Spanish Football Federation.

The two English internationals had a verbal altercation during the victory of the Real Madrid team, score 2-0, against Getafe, on Thursday, in the 22nd stage of La Liga. The scene was captured by television cameras, which show the Real midfielder shouting insults at his opponent. As AS reports and according to social media images, Jude Bellingham called Mason Greenwood a “rapist”.

If found to be the case, Bellingham could face a suspension of up to 12 rounds.

Greenwood, 22, arrived at Getafe on loan from Manchester United last September, seven months after charges of domestic violence and attempted rape against his partner were dropped.

The meeting between Bellingham and Greenwood was the first between two English players in La Liga in the last 22 years.

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