The victory of the season for CSM Bucharest in the Champions League in women’s handball, on the ground of the unbeaten leader Gyor


Article by Luminița Paul, Adrian Jitea – Published on Saturday, 03 February 2024, 20:40 / Updated on Saturday, 03 February 2024 20:40

CSM Bucharest defeated Gyor, score 26-24, in round number 12 of group A in the Champions League for women’s handball. The “tigresses” remain in the fight for 2nd place and for qualification directly to the quarter-finals.

Before today’s duel, Gyor had secured the leading place in the A group of the Champions League, and CSM was coming after a troubled period, with successes in front of modest teams and failures in heavy games.


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Second place seemed to be getting further and further away, with the odds dwindling like water in a punctured jerry can, but still glittering there. And for that a good match in Hungary was essential.

CSM Bucharest, the match of the season against Gyor

That is precisely why the way the Romanian champion started the match surprised and delighted. Probably CSM’s best half, with a relaxed and collective game, in which no less than 7 players scored, and the goalkeeper Laura Glauser intimidated from the first phases with her excellent interventions.

In the 4th minute it was 3-1 for CSM, but what followed in the first half was a dream for the guest and a nightmare for the hosts. The ball traveled quickly and accurately, Arntzen did what he does best, bombarding the opposition goal from distance, Zaadi distributed passes, and the wingers entered the system well.

The score continued to rise, and in Arena Gyor, where the “tigresses” lost 4 times from the previous 11 meetings and other teams did not really taste success, murmurs began to be heard.

13-6, the biggest difference, was recorded in the 21st minute, after the goal of the extreme left Dindiligan. Earlier, Zaadi had smashed the goal – saved by the valuable Silje Solberg – with a superb execution from the hip. Unexpected but wonderful!

It wasn’t until the 27th minute that Sandra Toft’s first ball appeared, which had meanwhile entered between the goalposts, and that remained the only successful intervention for Gyor’s goalkeepers in the first half.

8 ballsout of 17 Laura Glauser defended in the first half, success percentage of 47.06%!

Superb and Neagu’s goal, the second for her, in the penultimate minute, with a characteristic execution, strong beat, floating and unstoppable throw. The first half ended with 15-9 for the Romanian team, a print screen to keep, maybe even to frame, but what was next?

Collapse and unchaining for CSM Bucharest

The second half initially kept a big difference on the table for CSM, although the game evened out, but several errors occurred. Zaadi was the clear mind of the start of the half, the French scored and delivered passes, as did Neagu. In the 47th minute, the pivot Ingstad was successively served by the two for two necessary successes.

But a bad streak came, an ice-cold shower: from 22-17 for CSM, Gyor came to 22-22. CSM’s goal didn’t yield anything, instead Toft found his form. In the end, a topsy-turvy second half, where Gyor was more effective, and that ended up showing on the scoreboard as well.

5 minutes before the end, Adi Vasile sent Elizabeth Omoregie, who recently returned from a complicated injury, onto the field. And the center scored two consecutive goals! Davidsen then had 3 great tackles. 26-24 with 30 seconds to go. Once again Davidsen defends and thus the history of a huge and unexpected victory was written.

CSM’s first success in Gyor in the history of their encounters and one that keeps their hopes alive for the 2nd place finish. For that, however, the Romanian champion will have to play as consistently in the two remaining matches, with Bietigheim at home and Odense away.

The best scorer of CSM Bucharest was the Frenchwoman Grace Zaadi with 8 goals. They also scored: Ostergaard (4), Ingstad (3), Arntzen (3), Neagu (3), Dindiligan (2), Omoregie (2) and Kobylinska (1).

The updated standings in group A of the Women’s Handball Champions League:

PHOTO: Flashscore

FINAL. Gyor – CSM Bucharest 24-26

min. 60: Time-out Gyor. Another “parade” by Davidsen 24-26
min. 59: Fabulous overtaking by Zaadi! The French woman scores the goal with number 8. Davidsen defends, and CSM Bucharest can no longer lose! 24-26
min. 58: CSM exaggerates. Third identical attempt. This time, Omoregie forces the attack. Davidsen works wonders in the Romanian champion’s goal. 24-25
min. 57: Brilliant! Same combination between Neagu and Omoregie, same result! Davidsen defends! 24-25
min. 56: Neagu ideally serves Omoregie. Slovena scores with the parquet, at the short corner. 23-24
min. 55: Time-out requested by Gyor. Davidsen defends on the first action. 23-23
min. 54: Neagu throws predictably. 23-23
min. 53: Zaadi scores from 7 meters! This success was much needed. 22-23
min. 51: Total collapse in the game of the champion of Romania! 21-22
min. 50: Easily lost balls in attack by CSM. Gyor puts the pressure on. 19-22
min. 49: Time-out requested by Adi Vasile. 18-22
min. 46: Ingstad makes a smart move and cuts off Gyor’s momentum. 16-21
min. 44: Chaos in Gyor’s game. Two handball players collide, Neagu recovers the ball. 14-20
min. 42: Zaadi doesn’t miss from 7 meters! 14-20
min. 38: Gyor’s defense understood nothing. Zaadi, dropped alone in the left inter, reaches 5 goals in the match. 13-19
min. 37: Ingstad scrambles in the semi-circle and gets a shot from 7 meters. Zaadi converted between the keeper’s legs. 12-18
min. 35: Glauser is unbeatable! Incredible “parade” with the right hand. 12-17
min. 31: Gyor has no time to breathe. Neagu scores with a throw from his feet. 9-16
The second half has begun!

CSM Bucharest leads at the break, 15-9. The goals of the Romanian champion were scored by: Ostergaard (4), Arntzen (3), Dindiligan (2), Neagu (2), Zaadi (2), Kobylinska (1) and Ingstad (1).

min. 30: Ostergaard makes the half of the season, 4 goals from 4 shots. Glauser miraculously intervenes alone in front of Ryu again. 9-15
min. 29: Neagu rises superbly and shoots unstoppably near the bar. 8-14
min. 29: Glauser pulls out another ball. 8-13
min. 25: The defense of CSM Bucharest makes the difference! 7-13

min. 24: Adi Vasile also asks for time-out. 7-13
min. 21: Glauser has two other “parades”. Perfect match for CSM Bucharest! 6-13
min. 19: Ostergaard doesn’t miss a thing! The defense continues to produce easy balls. Zaadi scores on the counterattack. 6-12
min. 18: Another masterful entry from Arntzen! 6-10
min. 17: CSM Bucharest continues the excellent match! Through a succession of effects, the ball reaches Ostergaard. 6-9
min. 14: Gyor asked for the first time-out of the match! 5-8
min. 10: Superb action, with Neagu at the finish. 4-6
min. 7: Arntzen is in great shape! 3-4

min. 2: Ostergaard scores on the counterattack. 0-2
The game has started! Gyor had the kick-off.

The Romanian champion had two important absences for today’s match. Crina Pintea he suffered a muscle tear in his calf. The “tricolor” pivot has resumed training, but will not be part of the squad. He is in the same situation Jennifer Gutierrez, due to an injury to his right elbow.

VIDEO. Cristina Vărzaru: “It is unfair to give CSM Bucharest only because it is the team of the Capital City Hall”

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