FIFA wants to invent an algorithm for calculating transfer amounts!


Article by Daniel Scorpie – Published on Saturday, 03 February 2024, 12:20 / Updated on Saturday, 03 February 2024 12:43

The forum led by Gianni Infantino (53 years old) announced that it is studying a way of calculation to determine the transfer amounts of the players. “The market share of each footballer would result based on the analysis of several factors and thus there would no longer be lengthy negotiations regarding the price of each transaction,” writes RMC Sport.

FIFA plans to put an end to the red tape that comes with player transfers, with endless negotiations, games between offers and discussions about how much a club must pay to secure a footballer’s services.


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At the annual legal conference, held yesterday in Tokyo, the issues that appear more and more frequently in the mercato were also on the agenda.

RMC Sport has learned that the president Gianni Infantino will propose for debate the introduction of a so-called algorithm for calculating transfer amounts, which will shorten the entire process of making player transactions and reflect their market share as closely as possible to reality. “A revolution is announced. Club presidents will escape the nightmare of negotiations!”, write the French.

The algorithm must respect competition law

“In short, a computer will be used, which, analyzing several factors, would decide the price of a player. Gianni Infantino did not elaborate on how the value of a footballer would be calculated.

The head of FIFA wants to “discuss the possibility of using an algorithm to estimate the fair value of transfer fees, to increase the transparency of the transfer system and help football stakeholders”.

FIFA calls for more transparency in transfers

As the Daily Telegraph points out, FIFA’s algorithm should, however, comply with competition law in force in the European Union.

222millions of euros is the value of the most expensive transfer ever made in world football, the move of the Brazilian Neymar from Barcelona to PSG in the summer of 2017

At the same time, the supreme world forum wants there to be more transparency in the complex process of making transfers and control over commissions and other sums of money involved in the transfer of footballers.

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