“He wanted Steaua to support the University now. My scarf has a better track record than CSU”


Adrian Mititelu, the patron of FCU Craiova, had a series of ironic statements to the rival from the city, CSU Craiova.

A month before the FCU Craiova – Universitatea Craiova derby, scheduled for March 9, Adrian Mititelu started the war with rival Mihai Rotaru, the financier of CSU. And he had a series of sharp statements before the match with Dinamo (2-1).


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VIDEO. Adrian Mititelu takes on Mihai Rotaru: “My scarf has more trophies than him”

“CSU will be in the playoffs. Let’s not exaggerate and say that they risk not being in the play-offs. We have a chance to meet in the Cup and anyway we are also dueling in March. I can’t wait for that match to come. It’s the most important.

We can praise Mr. Rotaru that he is rich and very powerful. If I also took 50 million euros from ANPR, I would be even richer than him. It’s easy to fluff your feathers when the state finances you with a non-refundable amount, when the state lends you a helping hand.

If we have his money, we’ll put in ten times as much. I tried to do something. Others took advantage. They used to stick with Steaua and now the fans of the University of Craiova are giving. Well, leave her alone! If I go with Rotaru to a show and we can answer three questions about the history of football from Craiova, I make it 3-0. Let’s talk face to face. Let’s see who is with this team”, said Adrian Mititelu in a dialogue with Gazeta Sporturilor reporter.

Later, after the match, he had a new ironic message for his rival: “This scarf has a better track record than CSU.”

Mititelu started the war with Rotaru a month before the direct match:

I did everything that depended on me. Now these very rich people appeared, like Mr. Șucu or Mr. Rotaru, who is supported by the authorities and sponsors. The sponsors are coming… I’m waiting in line. I compensate with soul and dedication. But I can resist. The team does not close, does not go bankrupt. Mr. Rotaru is very rich, he is a billionaire in euros. The important thing is that we didn’t die and that they didn’t achieve their goal of destroying us and taking our place. Even though they took many of the supporters. But justice will be done.

– Adrian Mititelu

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