“The midfielder looks like Stanciu, the striker like Rrahmani, but better”


Article by Adrian Duţă – Published Monday, November 20, 2023 5:41 p.m. / Updated Monday, November 20, 2023 7:38 p.m.

Florin Vulturar, the agent sent by Gigi Becali to South Africa and South America to look for players for FCSB, claims to have found two footballers, an attacking midfielder and a striker.

Vulturar, the son of Becali, was sent on a mission, First to South Africa, after the FCSB boss was delighted with the stopper Ngezana, brought in from Kaizer Chiefs. Then, the impresario also went to South America. He had found a striker in Brazil, but the club he belongs to asked the red-blues for a transfer fee of 3 million euros, and the negotiations fell through.


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Vulturar found two players for FCSB: “The midfielder resembles Stanciu, the striker resembles Rrahmani, but stronger”

“I found a midfielder who looks like Nicolae Stanciu. We hope to have some results by December [la negocieri]. The striker is combinative, something like Rrahmani, but stronger.

I have 4 scouts in my team, we all are about 5. If I had a team of 10 scouts, it would be good. Three of us are former players and now I want to bring in one more former player.

Răzvan Tincu, the central defender, will be the team’s next scout. If he was a central defender, he will take care of scouting for what the defensive zone means. I’m not going to make Tincu look at the attackers,” said Vulturar, according to the report Fanatic.

Vulturar explained why the transfer of a Brazilian striker fell through. “The transfer amount was quite high: 3 million. I don’t want to name names because then… It was from the first league, from a team in the middle of the ranking. About 30,000 wanted the salary”, the impresario also said, according to the maintained source.

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